#682 – it’s a coconut

To me it was telling that Eve is facing Will's face injury as they walk, and chooses not to mention it. And that Will doesn't feel the need to bring it up on his own. It's just unspoken, like so much else. We walk through a lot of pleasantries in this one, a bit of gentle ribbing, and Eve is sort of candid about work... but the coconut is hard to crack.

6 thoughts on “#682 – it’s a coconut

  1. Why does he get so nervous about the coconut question?

  2. I am, as a reader of comics in general, incredibly obtuse, which is why I never thought about how the coconut situation was symbolic of Eve and Will's social dynamic on this date. (It's also why it took me until, like, my twelfth re-read to notice the servers using puppets in that one restaurant scene way back.) But that's hilarious!

  3. A coconut is such a weird thing to buy someone. I wonder what Will was thinking when he decided to buy it.

  4. "She also intimidates me … sexually"

    I think Eve intimidates Will in a wide variety of ways.

    1. That's Everest Ning we're talking about here.

      She's kind of a hero.

  5. Last panel Will looks even more lost and completely out of his depth than he did while he was being beat up and fleeing in the drug deal gone wrong.

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