#675 – just a phone call away

I've probably talked already about how fake long distance relationships can suddenly feel when things like this come up. When I look back on my relationships I realize some of them *wanted* to be long distance, if that makes sense. I wanted the excitement of the visit and the longing in between, and the specific person mattered less than I thought. We just weren't that into each other. Otherwise, wouldn't we fully be in one another's lives? Oh sure, there are practical considerations and all... but after a certain amount of time, what's practical about being apart? Anyway I find the design of Aimee's friends very incongruous and strange haha. I wanted to show her with a wild bunch that was very much searching and unsettled, and maybe all attracted to one another. A lot to say in a couple of panels.

2 thoughts on “#675 – just a phone call away

  1. There's an alternate comic set in Ithaca, "Squid Stew", starring all of Aimee's friends.

  2. Christine Hottinger

    The inadequacy of the comfort she's offering is so stark here. She can't help him out very much over the phone, even though she's asking him to call her more, lean on her through it.

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