#666 & 667 – weed boy

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47 thoughts on “#666 & 667 – weed boy

  1. He slapped the badass out of Will.

    1. A slap so dramatic no sound effect could properly accompany it.

      1. A slap so brutal and closed-fisted that it wasn't actually a slap at all.

  2. Really hoping Will does a rising kick and hits Brutus here on the jaw, Go Will!

  3. I love your action sequences, Mer. not sure how this'll bode for Will but he knew what he was getting into when he started tossing fists.

  4. Wubba lubba dub dub!

  5. Well it looks like he's either going to ninja out of the big beefy grasp of what can only be described as an ogre, or get the royal piss beat out of him.

    1. Maybe beefy dude is an alright guy. He wanted to stop Will from beating on his douch-chums but he just wants to let him go and say "alright, now pay this guy and let's get back to our party."

      (hope, hope, hope)

  6. All I want to do is hide behind my hands and hope things don't get too messy.

  7. I was really hoping this would be a roadhouse moment for will…

  8. If you stop reading before the last three panels, Will looks like he'll be juuuuust fine.

  9. And then Amazi-Girl showed up and saved Will in the most fortuitously-timed crossover ever! …or not.

    Man, I hope Will comes out of this ok.

  10. Aw damn. I thought he had ’em for a minute there.

    Will can seriously kick some ass though.


  12. Noooooo

  13. Well, it was only a matter of time before that happened…

  14. also, number #666 is unintentionally (I assume) a violent and kinda scary (if it happened to you in real life) comic!

  15. Noooooo! Will! C'mon, you can "Old Boy" this fight, I believe in you!

  16. Oh no a guy bigger than him. Will's one weakness??????

  17. This has got to be fun to draw.

  18. WHAM! SMASH! Meredith illustrates motion! I love it!

    I'm sad for Will, though.

  19. I hope, for Will's sake, that this doesn't wind up on the Internet.

    1. These guys are dumb enough (and think they are cool enough)…. why not?

      "Hey, look how we totally ripped off this drug dealer at last night's party!"

  20. Where's your sidekick Will? In a brawl like this YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A SIDEKICK D:

  21. Oh noes! A guy whose fists produce no sound effects! A silent beating beckons.

  22. Also, "KONG" is a truly great sound effect

  23. Totally getting the King Mob from The Invisibles telling the story of how he defeated a platoon of beefo guards with just his muscles alone vibe.

    Which is to say my UNRELIABLE NARRATOR-dar going off like crazy.

  24. Will will overcome. I am confident. Either that or the cops come and bust errrrrrybody in here, in which case Will will not overcome. Will will go to jail.

  25. D : Oh no!


  27. panel ten buff guy

  28. Will in panels 5-7: "You ever beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker?"

  29. Personal prediction: someone in that crowd is packing heat, and they're on Will's side, or the side of "no fight."

  30. Great move at the end, Will–you've got his hands pinned to your upper arms.

  31. Man. Will's not in a good situation.
    I'm no expert, but, there's probably rules to follow in a [street fight], like

    1) Always have a clear path to run the FREAK outta there and

    2) Maybe some days you just have to say: OK, I give up! I can't jump back and go "Bruce Lee" on 50 of you guys. Keep the weed! This time it's free.

  32. Oh crap! Will was doing so well, I wonder how he'll get out of this one!

  33. nooooooooooooooooooooo ._.

  34. Will is awesome but maybe this is going to be incentive to find a different career path.

  35. In other news: NEW FEED! Yessss, thank you so much Meredith!

  36. *hopes for a knee to the jaw*

  37. Kick his balls! Kick his balls! You're suspended at the right level! CRACK HIS NUTS!!!

  38. It's like Oldboy with weed.

  39. Don't they know he's the weed man, not the weed boy?

  40. Panel 10: And that's when he knew, with great certainty and no doubt, that he fucked up.

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