#662 – you did it

Yay, it's Spring! For those who'v'e been counting, this is my 10th update - a holdover from April. There'll be 10 more comic pages this May, so it'll be a PRETTY FULL MONTH. Plus TCAF... oh man! Check back lots.

15 thoughts on “#662 – you did it

  1. You haven't seen Nathan? Why don't you look? Look with your special Eyes.

    1. MY NATHAN!!!

  2. Just burn the place down, Will.

    This is not worth your time.

  3. Find a collection of something (Vinyl records/Star Wars figurines) and start breaking it. The owner will emerge to defend it.

  4. I like the hairbun girl. She has big pupils.

  5. Turns out they weren't even invited. Everybody just showed up, like giant cloud of delinquent Victors, descending upon unsuspecting houses across the country.

  6. New indie band: Eaten By Fixies

  7. lolllll will's pant leg, not worth it

  8. Plonking at iPhone
    She doesn't know who lives here
    High out of her mind

    1. I appreciate this.

    2. Someday, I'm gonna marry that girl…

      1. Someday, I'm going to marry Will.

  9. Will is my favourite character besides Eve, so I'm happy to get a storyline with him. He's so real!

  10. I have a feeling Will is going to have to use his "serious drug dealer" routine in this arc.

  11. I just noticed he ripped his shirt, too.

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