#658 + 659 – life’s basically just super deep

That's the end of this story! Story over, whew. I'm still working on the next arc's script, so there'll probably be some standalone stuff for the next week.

49 thoughts on “#658 + 659 – life’s basically just super deep

  1. Hannah's not going to bother moving the mattress out of the kitchen, is she?

    1. Where else would it go?

    2. Its so she can go to sleep right after cooking

  2. So much sarcasm that Eve's eyes have gone wonky in panel 9.

    P.S. I adore Eve and Hannah so much! Just want to smoosh their faces.

  3. Don't really know why, but this arc made me miss Will so much.

  4. Well, she got over it fast.


    1. Naw dude, what are you doing

      1. Making a mental note to never try to be funny in webcomic comment sections. I don't actually think women get over break-ups faster than other people, it was a joke. Sorry.

        1. you got so wrecked

        2. Rather, perhaps make a mental note that vocal inflection is not portrayed over the internet, and people will pretty much always assume the worst, so you have to sometimes spell it out.

        3. but if you don't put /s or trigger warning how will we ever know what you're talking about smh

        4. You know what they say: if you have to explain it was a joke…

        5. An "amirite?" or "crickets chirping" or something to indicate no laughs usually goes a long way to indicate sarcasm.

  5. They have the derpiest eyes and I love it.

  6. I love them.

  7. I might be looking way too much into it, but it looks like Hannah and Eve are both getting progressively higher as the comic progresses. It's as if it symbolizes Hannah finally coming to terms with everything that got thrown at her, and she's finally able to get "high" again.

    1. "way too much"? No no that is awesome, keep going! I think that is a great take on it.

  8. Panel 9 is amazing.

  9. the last panel is straight up just improving my life right now.

  10. Awwwww! That turned out way better than I expected!

  11. are they just being geeky or are they mimicking will in the last panels?

  12. Hanna did get over this rather fast. I know everyone's different, but my relationship of 2+ years was fucking devastating; Hanna was INCREDIBLY upset just a few pages ago, and now she's fine? I really liked how the story was going ever since the cracks started appearing, but I find this page overly zany (obviously self-aware), and it seems afraid to go deeper and so it just sillies itself back into relative normality. I thought this arc was fucking masterful but this last page let me down. Not that it'll stop me from reading onward or anything.

    1. I'm going to respond to you, because the other person who posted something like this was a jerk about it.

      Just because she's no longer outwardly exuding crazy Hannah mental break-down-ness, doesn't mean she's "over it." Mood swings? Eve being exactly the thing she needs right now, or she's putting on a brave face for her friend? And sarcasm and humor are well-known defense mechanisms.

      I just don't see how this page breaks anything.

      1. Brilliant. This is everything I would have said, but said better, and more succinctly.

        1. Aw, thanks. I spend too much time in debates on the internet.

      2. Not "break" necessarily. After a couple re-readings I do see now the point pretty much everyone is throwing at me, how people behave in ways that seem the opposite of how they feel. I know people do this stuff to stay sane; didn't click with me at first.

        I was trying to critique more the writing as opposed to the believability of the characters' actions (again, both of which I'm typically a big fan of); it seemed very rushed. I expected more of a dialogue between the two as opposed to "here's this mattress, yeah life is bullshitty sometimes, haha ok end." I don't expect this to be the end of this subject entirely, but as to how the arc wrapped up, eh it was just a bit quick for my taste is all.

        Speaking for myself, some people are capable of crying for days.

        1. just because it isnt shown in the comic doesnt mean it didnt happen. From everyones reactions in the early part of this arc she DID wallow in depression for days or even weeks. Meredith doesnt show every time character goes to the bathroom or sleeps or cries for 3 days straight. she fills in the gaps with context clues.

    2. What exactly is it about Hanna snarking about life sucking that suggests she's 'fine' now? You had it right starting out your second sentence, imo: "I know everyone's different," full stop.

      My personal experience with depression had/has plenty of sudden bouts of 'relative normality,' especially if something slipped past my guard that I found amusing (my friends giving me shit they'd gotten for themselves probably would've qualified). There's not really a wrong way to be sad.

    3. From the point on where their eyes go wonky, I imagine they're speaking in an overly-sardonic tone and kind of making fun of themselves. So yeah, maybe not over it, just calmed down enough to see that moping around won't get her anywhere. Being silly to cope with bad things.

    4. You think she's "fine"? Really? Nobody's physically capable of crying and screaming nonstop for days, that shit's gonna come and go.

      Right now she's suppressing the pain by mocking it. All that jokey talk about "man it's like this is a deep metaphor for my breakup" is to help her not actually think about the breakup for a bit. That's what eve means by "we need our sarcasm to live". They're both actively suppressing anguish and fully aware of it. Y'know, like people do sometimes.

    5. Who says she's "over it"? Are sad people required to weep and rend their clothes 24/7? Does your grieving pass get permanently revoked the first time someone catches you trying to put on a brave face and smile through the pain?

  13. Guys, I really didn't get why Hannah and Marek have to break up. They seem still in love, what's the matter?? Kids? Graduation? 🙁

    1. Life. That happens–has happened to me, has happened to other people I know. It isn't easy to be in the right space, at the right time, with the right goals, and the right person.

    2. they just wanted different things in life. different goals, different definitions of long-term happiness. imagine it as being on different boats, each on a different water current. that's what happened.

    3. Kids seems to be one of the biggest issues. Hanna's absolutely not going to have kids, but to Marek, raising a family is a important part of his life goals, his identity.

      Here are some of the pages where Marek's talked about that: http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-07-28/175-upstate-http://www.octopuspie.com/2011-11-02/489-your-idealistic-dream-world/
      Read this page: http://www.octopuspie.com/2011-12-06/497-thats-a-… (and maybe the one before it for context) to see where Hanna's coming from.

      This has been a long time coming. There was a page somewhere I can't find where Marek acknowledged that Hanna didn't want kids, but I think the subject changed quickly. And then there was this moment at the end of the chapter with Hanna's day off: http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-04-10/597-thats-no

      It feels like it's coming out of nowhere because Eve's been a bit blind to it. The whole "I'm beginning to see the cracks" chapter was partially about Eve ceasing to idealize their relationship. She'd been kinda treating them as an example of "having it all", when, y'know, everyone's got problems. Marek's eyes became visible there, like eve's "seeing him" better. (It's basically super-deep sometimes.)

      Graduation seems to have been their accepted tipping point, like "at least we'll be able to stay together while you're in school".

  14. Lool the characters in the comic are analysing themselves just as we analyse them in the comments section (subtle rib at how we scrutinise every detail of the comic? 😉 )

    Art imitates life indeed!

  15. Seldom has a lampshade been hung so elegantly.

  16. People are like "Hannah got over that fast!! RAWR BLARGH"… I think it's more like Eve isn't trying to diminish or dismiss Hannah's feelings.

    She's just genuinely wanting to see her friend smile and is going about it in her usual awkward way. I think Hannah can see that and appreciates it.

    It's like "Hey I know this other thing you had going is gone and it was pretty much the best, but we still have a pretty sweet dynamic ourselves you know?"

  17. For all the people surprised that Hannah is “over it so quickly”, um did you have a bad break up that caused you to not smile for several weeks or months at a time or something? Even clinically depressed people are capable of laughter.

    1. "for all the people"
      you mean all of the Two people so far? you don't have to exaggerate to make your point, yknow.

      1. Is 'for all the people' really an exageration Then :)?

  18. Lurve panels 6&7, I feel Hannah is making a decision to open up to Eve a little, like hey, I don't want to interact with people, but you're being super sweet and I could use a smile right about now. And then #8 Eve's face is fantastic! Like, sheet, she's actually gunna talk? Awkward loose link between a mattress and her life: boom. ice broken. This is great.
    Miss Gran, you are awesome, thank you. [Also I *cannot* wait for the book to come in!] =D

  19. Just want to point out how happy Panel #5 makes me. That's friendship right there, and I can definitely relate to the feeling of just wanting to give everything you can to someone to help them out.

  20. I love the octopus pie comments section. It really fills the void of not being able to talk about it with my friends…since they don't read it…even though I tell them they should…SO I CAN DISCUSS IT…

  21. So when the mattress settles, it will be LESS flat? That's an interesting use of the word "settle."

  22. "We need our sarcasm to live." New life motto.

  23. They're mocking us in the last few panels.

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