#657 – a mattress

Hey guys! I'm back from the chaos of an away-from-home wedding and finishing up the book! Thanks for your patience as I catch up on drawin' comics. The good news is we made the cost of book printing! Thanks everybody! And also the good news is the wedding was fun. All of the news is good. Just another page or so and then this story's over! Hope you've enjoyed it.

29 thoughts on “#657 – a mattress

  1. Someone called it! A mattress. They deserve a pat on the head.

  2. musta been hell tryin' to roll that thing up

  3. Man. I usually don't nearly tear up at comics but: gosh! This one really gets to me! That was so nice of Eve. She's such a good friend.

  4. Haha, aw! My mattress is one of those mattresses, too.

  5. Sounds like a second hand mattress, normally I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but since bedbugs decided to make NYC their bitch in the last few years I'm very wary of second hand furniture.

    1. Why would a second-hand mattress be delivered to your door?

      1. because someone needed to get rid of theirs and delivery was part of the deal?

        but yeah, no, if there's even a slight chance of bedbugs, BURN EVERYTHING. i gutted my mattress with a butcher knife and spraypainted "bed bugs! DO NOT TAKE" on it before putting it by the dumpster at the apartment of mine that had an infestation, and i'm still not completely sure someone didn't make off with it anyway. if i'd had a friend with a truck i'd have taken it out in the desert for a bonfire. that and the couch would have made a nice fire…instead i just took the couch apart with my bare hands (it was an ikea couch, didn't take much effort).

      2. People go around with vans, collecting curbside mattresses. Then they resell them for pretty cheap.

  6. I too have an Ikea mattress and can attest that FLUMPH is exactly the noise they make when you unroll them.

  7. What has Hanna been sleeping on??

    1. The bed what Marek just took back to his dorm.

      1. I think Celle means SINCE Marek took his mattress back, what has Hanna been sleeping on? (The couch? There was a little space just enough for a person that Eve was on earlier)

        1. Oh, of course…. but has it been a whole day, even? (Answer: Yes, because Hanna's mom has been trying to call her for days… and it wasn't raining in 649 and was in 650, so time must have passed in between.) True enough.

  8. What does 'flat' mean in the context of a mattress? Good, bad, in-between?

    I hope the gnashing of the teeth regarding Eve and her 'awfulness' can end, now, right?

    1. On one hand, oh hopefully yes! On the other hand, it's been really fascinating to read the incredibly varied responses to the behaviour of all the characters, especially Eve in this arc. In a weird way it's kind of awesome how different people can respond to the same comic, seeing the same lines and facial expressions. It says a lot about ourselves, but mostly, it speaks volumes of just how awesome and deep Octopus Pie is *sits in a corner to wibble and fangirl over Meredith*

      1. *joins you in the corner to wibble*

    2. It means that, as with most mattresses, Hanna should wait a few hours for it to decompress.

    3. Concerned American

      Seriously, Eve has become an insufferable New Yorker.

  9. actually, i think Eve might be taking the right approach here, trying to add some humor to the situation. Hanna has been trying to take her mind out of the situation with the attempts to get high and the baking, and few things are better than humor to get your self out of your own head. Also, saying that Eve is not being a good friend for not being super mature and adult about this is rather silly, I think. Firstly, when is ANYONE super mature in every situation? This whole comic is about making mistakes and learning, not about being perfect. Secondly, we've already seen the mature and reasoned attempt (marigold) not work, I think Hanna isn't in the right state of mind to accept that yet. Right now I think she just needs someone that will just let it be.

  10. Hmm, Eve seems a bit *too* concerned over her walking on the mattress… What's in there exactly.. Maybe I'm reading into it too much.

  11. Has any body noticed how different eve looks from the start of the comic to now?

    1. Drawing styles almost always change as the comic takes off, as characters become more and more practiced.

  12. I can't help but wonder if that's just Eve's old mattress… the one that Marigold convinced her to get rid of.

  13. ah crap, I caught up to the current strip

  14. Mattress in an Hour?

  15. Uh oh, is Hannah about to get ejected off the mattress?

  16. How did they get it rolled up like that :p

  17. Ive noticed that every page has at least one golden facial expression.

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