#654 – they’re all trash

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37 thoughts on “#654 – they’re all trash

  1. Oh Hanna… your baking frenzy resembles my own cleaning frenzies quite well. Sad face. Just don't reject Eve…

  2. Even though this was to be expected after the last few pages, the raw emotion is still completely jarring.

  3. Gotta wonder when the downward spiral will stop.

    1. Maybe it won't. And despite all the warnings, and the better judgement, in Hanna's state, I don't think she will believe there is much reason TO stop.

      1. Yeah…

  4. Don't keep me in suspense!!! Every last fucking what!?

    1. Why, every last fucking nooooooo, obviously.

    2. You've probably got it, but I think she means: every last muffin, every last baked goods item that Hanna has made. *shrugs*

    3. "Water buffalo."

  5. Now is the time for a restraining hug. Be quick and firm and watch her left hook.

    1. The restraining hug is also known in some circles as a "full nelson". Now You Know!

      1. And knowing is half the battle.

    2. yes, because physical violence is ALWAYS the cure

  6. This is going to end well.

  7. Huh.
    Maybe Hanna is Going to trash everything, except for Eve, before she bottoms out + looks for good things again.

  8. Now we see how Hanna slowly descends into MADNESS…

  9. For Hanna to say that it's all trash even tho' Eve said it smells great?
    She has to be hurting something fierce.

    I know the feeling. When something depresses you/hurts you deep to the core, you can't enjoy anything. The joy is taken out of most activities, and food/drink tastes close to mud.

  10. That last panel. God help me, it's hilarious and and heartbreaking, all baked into one dangerous muffin.

  11. Please, Hannah, don't be a self-medicating bipolar. That never ends well, and is agonizing to watch.

  12. Trash or not, Victor would eat them.

  13. Think of the Muffins! Oh God, the humanity! This aggression against a perfectly good batch of muffins will not stand, it will not stand I tell you!

  14. Every last fucking boyfriend is trash?

  15. Is it just me or does Hanna seem a lil bit Ren these days

  16. If they're on top of the trash then they're still okay. This was established by food philosopher George Costanza.

  17. these reactions… are hilarious. the last three frames I’m dying

  18. Aaaaaaaaand Hanna’s snapped.

  19. Eve sure falls asleep on the couch a lot.

    1. Further evidence that her bed is kinda crappy.

  20. Yay! A new book! a third for my "collection" 😀

  21. i dont like hanna but i feel for her, and ultimately i feel its good she and marek decided to break it off and i really hope no one sees her as "selfish" for not just agreeing to have children with marek, when marek could be viewed as equally selfish for holding his desire for children above his love for hanna as a person. it was just as much his decision as hers, and I dont think he's wrong for wanting kids or anything. if they are that important to him then its good that he isnt forcing hanna to have them
    honestly im just glad it isnt because Marek's visa expires, because that would hit me too close to home.

  22. Eve sheds a tear for beauty lost

  23. These pages are really well drawn.
    There is so much dynamic body movement going on, even with Eve in panel 2, especially with Hanna in the last panel.
    Both panels are great examples of how gracefully depth and realism of form can mix with flattened and abstracted cartooning styles.

  24. Marigold was one end of the spectrum.. baking was the other. Hanna has rejected both. Now it's just her and Eve.

    The surreal moment was captured perfectly, too. That moment where you glance over and see the back of your friend's head, and think, 'Oh! They're up and about. This is a good sign; I'm glad to see this.' but something is just slightly off. And then slightly more off. And then, with a rapidly sinking feeling in your stomach, you realize that your friend is not at all ok and that this is about to be one hell of a ride. To hell.

    Be strong, Eve. Strong, and patient.

  25. @Yammy:

    And then Ren/Hanna says: Arrrrg! Don't tell me what to do with my boyfriend, or how to fix my life!

  26. Eve, I know you can’t be saying noooo about Hannah throwing away those muffins, cuz she always complained she couldn’t get ya’ll to eat her muffins

  27. I'm with Eve: DON'T THROW THEM AWAY!!!

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