#655 – guess you don’t know me

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44 thoughts on “#655 – guess you don’t know me

  1. darn those breakups that lead to existential crises

    1. Oh my god, it's The Iceman Cometh all over again. I mean, not everyone bunched into a bar kind of thing, but that someone becomes sober from having their hopes and dreams dashed.

      I just hope that this story arc ends in joyous celebration, or some return to less depression, instead of someone totally losing it.

      1. Puget Sean: "By God, there's no hope! I'll never be a success in the grandstand – or anywhere else! Life is too much for me!"

  2. Or maybe the stoner was inside of you all along.

  3. I love the flag in the background of the real stoner speech. That's just perfect…

    1. I almost expected the stars to be little pot leaves…

  4. Something in her…
    Wait, does that mean she's pregnant?! :O

    1. "couldn't be sustained"
      if anything, her guts fell out of her body into a sad pile of mush

    2. that actually was my first thought too. not quite sure how i feel about that just yet

    3. Probably not, no. She's saying there's something wrong with her indirectly.

  5. Poor girl.

  6. Interesting that in this context, Hanna's sobriety is deeply disturbing.

  7. [Joke follows]: But…But…if Hanna goes clean body…who will be my stoner-hero in octopus pie? *teardrops* 😀

  8. This is very interesting. So all this time her acting so crazy and such was just Natural-Hannah. Her usual fun, life-loving side we've seen this whole time was just the Chemically-Altered persona of her.
    I had a boyfriend like that once: completely different when not-high so we always made sure he had pot at the ready. It's a harsh way to live

    1. Or this side of Hannah is more of a result of a breakup and then her inability to cope the way she normally would. She's been deprived of her worldly pleasures. If you normally at chocolate to deal with a breakup and then it just suddenly didn't do it for you you'd probably be just as irritated.

    2. Tell me about it.

  9. Eve's really channelling her mom there.

  10. Hannah may be operating under a constant state of knurd-enness. Maybe that's why she's always gotta be high.

  11. To be fair, it seems like Hanna's been stressed out for weeks too. Before, it seemed like she got high simply for the enjoyment of it. But getting high in order to try and deal with stress/problems.. often has the reverse effect.

    I'm interested to see what she does next. ..Also, love the oven mitt on one hand in the last panel.

  12. Hanna shrugging with one oven mitt on is the funniest image.

  13. First, I imagine the strains of America the Beautiful playing over panel 3 (Eve's mom would be so proud!)

    Second, I think this is as close as Hannah has yet come to an actual, honest to God psychic break

  14. Wait, has she been "sober" since that vacation day she went to the museum? That's though.

  15. Oh, Eve. Your mother would be so proud.

    And Hanna with the one one oven mitt and the crazy-eyed shrug seems to sum up this arc so far, really.

  16. I'm curious about what Will has been up to all this time. I enjoyed the tension between he and Eve.

  17. That last panel shrug sure does remind me of someone….

  18. I don't understand Hanna but I like her.

  19. Hey, anybody remember that song by the Fugs, "I Couldn't Get High"?

    1. I saw a video of the Fugs doing the song on youtube. The lead singer seems to share Hanna's lament. 🙂

  20. Seeing Hanna mention that statement in the next to last panel makes me wonder if
    Marek always wanted kids.

    Maybe she felt like the relationship was becoming less about mutual understanding; leaning more towards a possible outcome alien to how she normally lives her life.

    I dunno, this part really hits home. My boyfriend has always (in some form or another) brought up wanting kids. Not so much because he felt he needed them, more-so because of family tradition. I'm not a coward in admitting that I'm selfish about my personal life, and I just do not want children in it.

    1. If anything's selfish in that context, it's having kids. "Hey, come suffer with me, person who does not yet exist! We'll have a blast, except we won't, because life is terrible." I mean, I never thought I wanted kids and then I had one and it was way better than I thought it was gonna be, but seriously, the hell with people that try to make you feel like there's something wrong with not having/wanting kids. The hell with them. Eat their flesh, I say.

    2. "Selfish" is having kids just because other people before you did and not because you want them.

  21. Ok, now Hanna is officially freaking me out…

  22. I've never seen an image sum up the essence of the word "WELP!" as succinctly as that last panel.

  23. That last panel is a smiling shrug of the crazy people and it seriously scares me for what Hannah’s going to do next.

    1. Yeah, that's definitely the hopeless smile of someone who's losing the coping process and becoming untethered. I hope she finds something to help her keep grounded.

  24. So the title of this is a text my crush sent me, so this comic hurts on like multiple levels.
    I'm so sorry Hannah, and for you as well Eve. ♥

    1. ouch… :/

    2. 🙁 chin up chum!

  25. What about that blue painting, Hannah?

  26. … Wasn't her identity as a stoner part of the reason Hannah broke up with Marek?

    Time to start asking herself some tough questions, methinks.

  27. Hanna is really squandering this opportunity to point out that Eve is using the "no true Scotsman" fallacy.

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