#644 – sigh

You guys, the Patreon campaign met its first goal! I'm so grateful to everyone who's pledged. This means there will officially be 10 Octopus Pie comics every month, as long as the pledges stay above $1000. Now imagine if the pledges hit $2000, and there were 3 comics every week? It could happen with your help!

28 thoughts on “#644 – sigh

  1. Oh nnnoo is that the mattress from this strip? Where will hannah sleep now? http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-06-29/021-oh/

  2. Jeez, what is this, 2006? Take that dang cheezburger cat off your door, doge is today's pet-related meme of choice.

    1. Well, he wasn't there since 2007…

    2. Very mattress. So winter. So emotions. Wow.

  3. Hey i will ask a stupid question :

    Will we see a third book soon ?? I want to buy it 🙂

    Except that, i want to tell i'm a huge fan of your work, and it influence a lot my work. (even if i'm far far far away from this level ^^)

    I hope you will meet the success you deserve !

    Cordialy !! (A french fan !)

  4. Oh, it's so heartbreakingly good how we're coming full circle here.

  5. It happened!

  6. Well I see two possibilities. That looks like a dorm and if he originally brought the mattress from a dorm he would have to bring it back at the end of the year. The other explanation is that he and Hannah broke up, if that is the case I will be very sad.

    1. That would also explain the old meme

    2. I guess it's both possibilities at the same time.

      1. OMG! That's Shrödinger's cat, then!!!

    3. I like the first one I hope it's that one…

    4. Totally a dorm, one of the newer (and nicer) ones at Fordham, actually. My girlfriend lived there.

      1. You can tell that just from a corner of an overhang and a doorknob? Quite the detective you are…

  7. Wow. That's is really sad.

  8. Of course Marek was a Disappearing Roommate. It's the best sort of roommate you can be assigned in grad school.

    1. Confirmed, Marek is still awesome even when absent.

  9. He looks so mature, now. What with all the hair that covered his eyes gone. I.. I have an impending sense of doom…

  10. Next week in long-delayed plot threads: Eve finally is arrested for throwing her souped-up bike in the river.

    1. And yet Hannah still gets away with destroying a famous piece of art…

      Good for her.

  11. That mattress is the comfort and weight of his relationship with Hannah, and he's about to leave it behind 🙁

  12. this is sssooooooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!


  13. Panel 3, look at that chick not so subtly eyeing up Marek!

    1. It's tough being subtle when you're staring at a guy carrying a mattress onto a subway car.

  14. It's so odd how clearly we can read Mareks emotions now that his hair is short. In the past he always just seemed happy-go-lucky. Here he looks…weathered and worn. It's like I'm seeing him as a real deep person now

  15. I am so sad! I feel like i didn't even remember that Marek didn't live with them officially. that makes it much worse. things are CHANGING that we didn't think could be changed.

    ALSO. I've TRIED to take a mattress on the Boston subway and it failed. Is the New York subway better about this or is that just more octopus pie magical realism??

  16. okay so.. "will you remember me when you go"….. i assumed he was going back to poland/his parents??? then the camping trip eve tells marek to not move so far away in newyork… so they planned to break up after college because of her not wanting kids???? like really? they planned this whole time to just break up after college.. jeez that is so depressing

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