#644 – that’s so nice

You guys, the Patreon campaign met its first goal! I'm so grateful to everyone who's pledged. This means there will officially be 10 Octopus Pie comics every month, as long as the pledges stay above $1000. Now imagine if the pledges hit $2000, and there were 3 comics every week? It could happen with your help!

23 thoughts on “#644 – that’s so nice

  1. I've been at Hannah's… for the past five years. By the way, here's your mattress back.

  2. It's the thought that counts, amiright?

    1. Hey! It's Yotomoe!

    2. Do we just happen to read the same webcomics or something?

  3. Marek's emotions are so wonderfully conveyed and yet still so secretive!

  4. It seems like Nik and Nadine are like the Marek and Hanna to Marek's Eve

    1. ….whoa. Mind = Blown.

  5. I myself became a disappearing roommate when I studied abroad in London and my boyfriend snagged a single in our dorm.

    1. Whoa-ho-ho, keep it PG over there.

  6. It's the thought that counts?

  7. After a few years, you might think it's time to check if your roommate is going to be back soon.

  8. wait.

    am I forgetting things, or has he not talked to either of them since he moved in with Hanna?

  9. Friendship. Don't you just love it ^^

  10. From the pile of dishes and still unpacked boxes of stuff, thinking and doing are two different things here.

  11. Marek is so sweet it makes my heart hurt.

  12. How long was Marek gone? I would guess the previous arcs spanned several years, with the seasons changing at all.

    1. Yeah, this is a pretty valid question for many comics – presumably it hasn't been 7 years as it has been in real time. Yet neither are they in perpetual temporal tasis as in Peanuts or something. HOW MUCH TIME HAS PASSED?! Maybe it's like The Once and Future King, where the characters live a normal human lifespan that also somehow passes through iconic eras in mythic time. Uh, dude.

  13. aw thats sad

  14. When you buy a page does it look just like it does online with the lettering? Sorry if this us wrong place to ask

    1. It depends on the page! I've been hand-lettering for the last 2 storylines, but everything before that was digital.

  15. This new "Marek with eyes" is so serious he scares me!

  16. Oh man, this comic made me remember the smell of my old dorm! Geez, would you mind only evoking emotions and leave the smells out? k thx

  17. Um… “N’s Books”… which N?

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