#643 – sigh

"I can haz cheeseburger" being a meme so old it would've been funny before Marek moved in with Hanna. OP always took place in realtime, yet the passage of time of the whole series was only supposed to be 3-5 years. It's comic strip logic, folks! I think it's acceptable.

4 thoughts on “#643 – sigh

  1. Making Timlines the Marvel Way

  2. I don't think I've ever had to live in a situation where I had to haul a mattress across town (that seems to be symbolic of "the sum of your earthly possessions").

  3. Could we get a bit of a "word of God" on how events transpired this far? I understand that there was a sort of unspoken agreement between Hannah and Marek about their relationship not being able to carry on past certain point in the future due to their disparate views on adult life but how did it exactly happen? Did they always know that the breaking point would be Marek's graduation? Was it Marek's graduation, anyway, or before/after?

    I'm particularly puzzled by the first panel of the previous page where Marek seems to be animatedly talking to Hanna while she looks apprehensive. It doesn't look like the emotional moment their impending break up should be.

    1. Always wondered this myself. It always felt like there was a bonus comic that everyone else read but me.

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