#642 – yes, it is

I made this page with the kind help of a former student, fluent in Polish. The parents are discussing the meaning of Eve's question - confirming that it is rhetorical in nature and they are meant to agree. Around this time I was finding opportunities for the characters to show their asses in front of older people - visibly, in ways that would cause them embarrassment and motivate them to grow.

4 thoughts on “#642 – yes, it is

  1. Dad: What is she asking?
    Mom: This is a rhetorical question, we should agree with her.
    Dad: ah. [bet you got that one]

  2. can we as a people come together and agree marek's dad is a Daddy

  3. This particular page has stuck with me for years. Eve's combination of early 20's overconfidence and naivety is so very embarrassing and relatable. We all thought we had it figured out, but then we discovered we hadn't even _started_ figuring it out.

  4. He kinda looks like my stepfather. Who's also Polish.

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