#640 – all right

Eve's "that's the THING!" is so sad and desperate lol, true cringe of its day. At the time this was posted I was selling off a LOT of original comic pages for very cheap. I don't regret this, even though it makes me a little bit sad. At a few points in my life I've needed to sell off my art for less than I thought it was worth, at a price I knew most people could stand to pay. And again I don't regret it because it means a lot of longtime OP fans own a page of the series when they otherwise wouldn't have. I still have a decent number of pages in my possession that I no longer have the time or interest in selling. But at least half of the series is dispersed all over the world: physical objects I spent hours and days with, now held and regarded by others.

8 thoughts on “#640 – all right

  1. You can tell this is a big deal because he brought his eyes out again.

  2. I have page #541! Still in the plastic sleeve it came in, although it might make it into a frame one of these days, to be regarded by whoever actually looks at the stuff on peoples' walls. I remember it cost me $40, and that was a decent amount for me at the time. It's come with me on all my moves, through school, home, and school again.

    I'm just so glad to have a physical artifact of a reading experience that helped me decide how I wanted to grow into my early 20s. OP even helped me to decide that I wanted to go to school in NYC, if you can imagine. And it doesn't hurt that the page that I have is great; it has the same energy as the note I wrote to describe what kind of page I wanted to buy

  3. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for the affordable art. I still have it up on the wall

  4. Ditto to jeybork, hangs framed and special to my heart. <3

  5. I have three panels (987-989) from late in the series. They're hanging over my sofa and I'm very fond of them. That said if you ever want them back I would be happy to send them back immediately. I like them but they really are yours!

  6. I have #604 in a frame on my wall.

  7. I would love a page from this series to keep forever. I read along when I found it during it's original run and am now refreshing every day for the second one. I love reading your personal thoughts each day as they are reposted. This entire story was simply amazing. Thank you.

  8. I have the final page of Snowy Patrol along with a page from Marceline and the Scream Queens. They both mean so much to me and are easily in my top 3 favorite objects in my home.

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