#639 – flawless

So obviously this song and its lyrics were pretty hot at the time. It hasn't died so much as been digested by the culture, as all ideas are, and is now mostly seen on baby onesies with pictures of Gritty. I've never actually heard of anyone threatening they're "going to shit" in anger except maybe myself, it's usually qualified with a verb like "flip" or "lose one's". But it's a forceful enough word to me that it works alone, and is funny.

10 thoughts on “#639 – flawless

  1. I can confirm that I have been inspired by Hanna to threaten that I was "going to shit" since this comic came out

    1. Wow same.

      I also caught myself saying "sorey" instead of sorry, thanks to an adjacent Canadian coworker. How easily my feeble brain chooses to adapt random stuff.

    2. Yeah extremely same

  2. Out of the incoming shit storm, I'll actually give this one to Hanna; it's pretty shitty of Mar and Eve to carry on so boisterously while she is sitting there in agony, waiting and waiting on them in the other room.

  3. Eve and Mar in that last panel:

    "Oh no, we're assholes!"

    1. Sometimes you just get caught up. I've been there

  4. The nice thing about saying you're 'going to shit' is that it leaves so much open to question – most importantly WHERE, but it's all questions the other person doesn't want to ask or even know the answers to, so it's best if they just humor you.

  5. I actually have caught myself saying "i'm going to SHIT" and attributed it mostly to one of ashnikko's videos, but now that i think about it, entirely possible that i first heard it here…

  6. This is one of the most iconically funny pages in the comic to me.

  7. For some reason, this page has stayed with me more than most of OP. Sometimes when I wake up the words "I wake up flawless" pop in my mind and I smile. I don't think I've ever heard the song.

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