#639 – flawless

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23 thoughts on “#639 – flawless

  1. Hanna is not dealing with any bullshit today

  2. Eve's face in panel 4 needs to be on a T-shirt.

    1. I feel we both read the same comics, every time I go read shortpacked or DoA I see you there.

      1. I see both of you as well.

      2. I go where I am needed

  3. Yassss, a fellow Beyonce fan <3

  4. You know someone's a real friend when they join you in a spontaneous music and reclining dance number when you're quite possibly naked in bed.

  5. Heh heh heh!

    The buzzkill that happens to Marigold + Eve is so real, you'd swear that it came from a true story!

  6. Hanna has become so different O_O

    1. Alligator Jiggles

      In her defense, it was heavily implied that Marek's student visa expires after his graduation and he's leaving indefinitely afterwards. Marek is one of the most important people in Hanna's life and she loves him enough to practically sit through his send-off party. So yeah, she's gonna be pissed when Eve sleeps in long enough for Marek to leave ahead of them and then proceeds to lolligag with Marigold.

      1. Not his student visa (I don't think it's ever been implied that he has one) – Hannah and Marek disagree heavily about their futures. He wants children and she does not. They both know how each other feel, and have discussed the fact that they'll eventually have to part ways at various times in the past.

      2. Oh, I certainly understand why it is that Hanna has become different. She really does love Marek and this isn't just something she can smoke away or brush off. 🙁

    2. Honestly I feel like the cool thing is that it was always there. When that Times guy says that Hannah values control, she does. And she's always had an air of superiority, which is why she thinks she gets to exercise that control. The way she tries to help her friends in and out of relationships, tell Marigold she's dealing wrong, strongly strongly dislikes Park even though he doesn't really affect her. Hannah thinks she's found a way to just not participate in bullshit, and when she has to it's other people dragging her down. Hannah's a fun stoner weirdo but she judges other people for participating in the system or being predictable and flawed.

      This arc just really brings it all together by putting her more on edge than ever.

  7. Man it’s sad to remember how in the beginning it was Hanna who was the happy-go-lucky one, being all silly. These last arcs she’s been so tense.

  8. Patreon huh? I see a lot of people are getting into that. Very cool. I just wish I had the money to support these things.

    So Marek might be leaving? I'm sorry to hear that. He was cool. Hopefully he'll return a couple times later on if he does.

  9. GAH! Caught all the way up from the first one already? Why must webcomics be inherently finite?

    1. Fine… ill be the one to suggest homestuck

  10. Panel 4 might be my favorite panel in this comic's history. So, so fun and great.

  11. official request for a panel 4 shirt

  12. I've been ripping through the archives too.

    And feel bad whenever they reference something recent because I know it's coming to the end of archives soon!!

  13. Eve's face in the first panel?

    That's the face of someone seeing an opportunity and taking it.

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