#638 – he already left

What is up guys! I'm not really on an update schedule at the moment, but there should be at least 2 OP comics per week for now.

20 thoughts on “#638 – he already left

  1. I love how Eve's eye pops open with such vehemence in panel 5 that it flings back a lock of her bangs.

  2. Oh Hanna…

  3. Oh damn oh damn. End of an era, truly. And Hanna's a mess. Look at that leg. Augh.

  4. Gonna be a loooong arc, everybody.

  5. "muh?"

    Yes, you do kind of look like a muppet in that panel, Eve.

  6. oh god no my heart is already breaking and the story's barely started

    god damn you emotions you are truly the body's worst weakness

  7. oh, no.

  8. holycrapholycrapholycraaaaaaaap.

  9. I'm getting some serious end vibes from this arc already.

  10. This reminds me of that Pokemon 2.B.A. Master song about evolution.

  11. I remember what's going on with Hanna's right leg. It's called "mescaline knee."

  12. oh mer this is going to hurt isn't it

  13. oh no oh no glassy-eyed shaking-leg Hanna is breakin’ my heart already

    yes to everything everyone has said

  14. rad new layout
    change all around

  15. brace yourselves, everyone

  16. Great, now my heart's broken.

  17. Oh nooooo I'm literally about to cry just thinking about what's coming

  18. I can't figure out how to convey my facial expression as I read/view this. Welp, the end is nigh for somebody.

  19. Ah, damn, Marek's graduating.

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