#632 – come on

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  1. "p…at.." is probably the greatest creative sound effect I have met ina comic

  2. How much you wanna bet mar gets jealous

    1. This is a sitcom setup for ~hilariously frustrating misunderstanding~.

    2. I am sorta seeing Marigold being like that for some reason.

  3. Aww, sad eyebrows in the last panel.

  4. It's OK. This isn't going to end in sex between Eve and Puget Sean. There's no way that's gonna happen. It's OK I say. Everything's gonna be OK :((((


      -Yelling Bird

      1. LOL

        and the Shame Orb gets a meal


  5. Commander, this is the Drama Early Warning System sir– yes sir, we've got incoming, it looks bad.

  6. Oh, no, Eve.

    Guys whose name you don't even know is one thing, but Puget Sean? Don't sink this low.

    1. bro, not even, bro

  7. Why is everyone jumping to the idea of Eve sleeping with Sean? Can't a buddy give a concerned p..at.. to a friend who has clearly made poor life decisions?

    1. No offense to Eve, but she seems quick to jump into bed with guys these days. Not a bad thing, because hey, do what you want, but it does make you worry a bit.

  8. PREDICITON: Nothing actually happens, but when he comes out of her tent in the morning. people will asssummmme.

    1. Nah, they gon' fuck, bitch

  9. If Miss Gran was anything like me, she must be getting a kick out of all the speculation that goes on about the comic. What's even more fun is doing something people don't even expect.

  10. Has anyone else become baffled at the evolution of puget Sean ? Remember when he was basicly fat nirvana stoner douche bag to now hopeless rain dogged fatguy

    1. that's not all that baffling, actually.

    2. Is that… evolution? Seems like he's still the same guy in most ways.

      1. I mean like look at him during laser tag….he seems so much more proud, but low observe him as he now has to grow up, he is a character that is in the same place as Hanna. He like Hanna is holding on to fickle past relationships that we all want to salvage more for ourselves rather than others. I mean we do not have the same friends that we did in kindergarten, and we miss that old buddy old pal. But they are older now, wiser, different. But we all grip on that past of them that no longer exist.

        So what makes these adults any different from children, or teens like me. I praise miss Meredith gran she is bridging the fact that my higschool problems are an eternal struggle for me to conquer now then accept later….. BRAVO miss gran

      2. I was just thinking that Sean has changed basically not at all, in contrast to most of the cast.

        1. Sean's changed a lot actually. At least I see it.

    3. can you link to that? I dont remember

  11. Just remember: he needs a friend right now, not a friend with benefits.

    1. Not even a…

      Superfriend with Benefits

    2. i aint so sure.

      dude needs gets to get laid

  12. I feel really bad for Pugent Sean. I mean, we've all known a guy like pugent sean, or been like him at some point and the people here in the comments that REALLY hate him i think don't wanna admit they're like him right now.

  13. So did he not bring a tent, or apparently a sleeping bag or pajamas, because he assumed he'd be sleeping with Mar? Oh Sean… when you assume you make an ass out of you… and in this instance that is all.

    1. This is the second night they've been camping; he slept SOMEWHERE the first night.

      1. I have to believe that because it wasn't raining the first night no one noticed he didn't have anywhere to sleep. After the look of "don't touch me" that Mar gave him earlier in the strip when they were all around the camp fire I don't buy that she'd be letting him share a tent, much less private parts.

    2. http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-09-21/622-thats-so

      I think he just couldn’t get his tent up.

      1. Mystery solved. He's just awful at camping in general.

  14. Yeah…that' sort of awkwardness to the extreme.

    Sort of a situation like: I'm only doing this to help Sean not get sick…We're both in our underwear, and under a blanket-type object…This scene has some earmarks of a romantic event, ….but it isn't a romantic event, really.

  15. he got kicked out of mar's tent for trying to fuck her. and/or "booga" knows what's up, he didn't plan cuz he assumed he'd be sleeping with mar.


  16. Poor Sean was shown having trouble getting his tent up while Marek was erecting Eve’s. I don’t think it was raining the night before so it wasn’t a problem for him to sleep out in the open.

    I don’t quite get the Puget Sean hate. He’s no Marek, but then sadly… there are never enough Marek’s in the world.

    1. "having trouble getting his tent up"…..

      Could it be a visual pun AND foreshadowing?

  17. How to convince a man to sleep with you, and remove his clothes.m

    ( Pay attention Sean, this might work on women )

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