#633 – this is the beginning

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  1. What an awesome friend

  2. Ah shit, we've all felt that way.

    1. "That shit they want? I'm none of that shit. I ain't got shit on that shit. I mean… shit, man."

      Yep. Been there.

      1. The sad thing was I got passed this, and fucked it up….we both cheated on each other and haven't seen that girl for I think two years…

  3. Aw jeeze. You poor mook. Now I actually feel BAD for the guy.

  4. Aww, Eve.

    Advice is always easier to give than follow, isn't it.

    1. Damnit I accidentally downvoted this comment instead of upvoting D:

  5. Wisdom Bitch does it again.

    1. Sagacious ^^

  6. This actually made me cry. Not only for what Eve is saying, but also knowing her history and her character and truly feeling that she has had to come to understand these words through that development. It's humanizing. Thanks Meredith <3

    1. Yeah, Eve knows what she's talking about.

  7. I knew it. The Wisdom Bitch hath spoken.

  8. Nothing makes your day like the sudden realisation you're not a good enough person for that somebody

    1. It's not always about "good": that somebody could well go pick someone who's worse than you in many respects. It's whether you have what they're looking for, or not.

      1. That's sure not how it feels when it happens to you, though. That's what your friends tell you, and they're absolutely right, but inside you just feel worthless.

        1. Yeah, it does feel that way. Until, some day, you learn.

  9. Third panel seemed kind of like about to throw up, no?

  10. Aw shoot, we're closing in on the end of the comic, aren't we?

    Aw shoot, aw shoot. I don't know what I'm gonna do without Octopus Pie. I've been reading this thing since High School and I've loved it. I hope I'm wrong, but you rarely see a title like "this is the beginning" in an arc this late in a serialized story's run without it being semi-ironic.

    Meredith, you've created something wonderful here and I hope you end it as you see fit. I'm just going to miss it is all.

    Aw shoot.

    1. What? It's ending? I just caught up today! 🙁

    2. Where did you get the idea this was ending soon?! 🙁

      1. I hope it's not! But between Marek's impending departure, Eve's "I'm beginning to see the cracks," and the title of this specific comic, I'm getting a gut feeling we're building to something major at the end of this arc (or rather soon after).

    3. nooooooo don't SAY THAT SHIT

  11. i know that feel, brah

  12. Heartbreak is not easy. At least he had the courage to try. Somepeople don't even get the chance.

    1. Did he have the courage to try? Or did he just wait around hoping for more drunk make outs and never say anything to her? Open to interpretation but he actually denies it and pretends friendship is his goal to Marigold's face, he did the opposite if try, he strictly hoped.

      1. You make a good point. I'm either not reading into this enough or I'm reading into it too much. Looking back, that last thing I saw was what happened in the comics entitled "Finally You Materialized" and "Poor Girl Has Issues". In some ways it felt like he did try there even though it was non-verbally. Maybe this time (sort of off screen) he actually did tell her his true feeling for her and she rejected him.

        Then again, as you say, it is open to interpretation.

      2. Unless Meredith decides to show what happened, we don't know for sure if he tried or if he did nothing.

  13. "None of the shit she wants." Man, that totally DOESN'T remind me of my ex-wife and I'm glad I don't have any feelings.

    1. Thank god for that, eh? Otherwise, this would have been really awkward.

  14. All of the benefits of Eve's enlightening pillow talk without all of that distracting sex.

  15. foreshadowing….
    title this :
    "Shawn dies at the end"

  16. Wait, The Beginning ? Oh what?

  17. He's still a jerk.

  18. I feel like Eve was given the same encouragement three comics ago, and now she's passing it on. Friends helping friends be friends. Friending intensifies. Such lovely!

    1. I get the impression she's saying to herself as much as she's saying it to him. But yeah I agree… spreading the friend-love. It's rather nice.

  19. I really hope…they don't do it…

  20. That's the way it goes Sean. One to grow on.

    Anyway …

    Wow, look how much the strip has progressed:

    1. I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that in that strip says "times have changed eve" only for her to echo it to him in a relevant way years later.

      Kind of a stretch, but the thought came up no less.

      1. What happened to Eff Nocka?

        1. He wasn't that popular as Marigold or Sean.

  21. I hate to say it but I now identify with Sean more than will……fuck!

  22. Man the strip was different back then, almost completely different characters.

    Funny that almost every member in the stoner gang stuck around except Eff-Knocka.

    And we never really saw the nerds past the brooklyn bicycle race. I liked Greg 🙁

  23. Is that a tear in panel 4?

    1. Yeah, I think so. Wow.

  24. Hope this doesn't mean someone's about to die. (Might be reading too much Game of Thrones…)

  25. I read:

    "I wanted to be with [insert the name of that one person] for such a long time …and I totally blew it"


  26. Continuing onto this page everything is starting to look skewed, like the panels. Damn, I've never felt so worried for any story.

  27. **Prediction#1**

    Eve, going through a rough patch gives Puget Sean a sympathy Fuck…
    ( we are all thinking about it )
    *Potentially Mutually Exclusive*……………………………
    **Prediction #2:**

    Puget Sean, Overhearing Eve Ning deny sleeping with him and put him down
    ( Whether or Not it actually happened )

    a) Throws himself Off the Cliff!
    b) In a case of Foreshadowing gone mad,Sean mopily goes to the cliff edge to stare into the abyss, only to fall through **a crack** That developed through the rain… D'oh

    Cue up Music …… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f8lr2iz9jU

  28. Seriously, Meredith, Sean Puget was my favorite character because I felt like him a lot of times. Yes, I am kind of a dick sometimes too, but I can't judge (nor blame) the fella for being who he is, I'm writing this comment because he isn't on the cast page.

  29. **Alt Universe Prediction #2**
    ( far more likely than people will admit )

    We find out out that marigold caught Puget Sean hooking up with Sexy Glamping Tent Dude

    and Octopus Pie gets its first outed LGBT character
    Cue up music………….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjql5bkkL5E

  30. This reminds me a bit of episode that I had with my last BF in a tent…

  31. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

    “Life’s a bitch and then you die, right?”
    “Yeah… but sometimes life’s a bitch and then you keep on living.”
    – Bojack Horseman

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