#630 – not perfect, but good

6 thoughts on “#630 – not perfect, but good

  1. Supreyes, motherfucker

  2. I totally see Marek as a person now and not a charicature. Finally seeing his eyes gives me an entirely new understanding of eve's life to this point, no matter how strange that sounds.
    It is interesting that in the second eye panel he crosses his arms and hunches up. It may be cold outside, but he is closing himself off by doing that in such a personal moment.

  3. I didn't even notice the eyes until the penultimate panel. And then I spent like a minute screaming HE HAS EYES over and over again.

  4. HamsterNamedMitch


  5. *Sees Marek's eyes*
    *Reads comments*
    *Weeps openly and without shame*

  6. There are comments sharing the joys and insight of the symbolism of Marek's eyes, the stylistic choice that showed a transition from a caricature of hippy culture and a foreigner pursuing the American Dream to this real man who's just as confused and scared as all the other characters.

    And then there's "Supreyes, motherfucker".

    Honestly, this was the best comment of this thread, thank you.

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