#630 – not perfect, but good

The revealing of Marek's eyes was I guess a big deal, though I wanted to keep it kind of low-key, as if everyone knew what they looked like already, that they were just sort of stylishly obscured. I guess the meaning was meant to go both ways - Marek's friends see him as a real person with his own life to live, not just an extension of Hanna. And he begins to see himself that way, having played this role in Hanna's life for so long. "Not perfect" gives me a little bit of cringe now, it's taken on an empty meaning in my mind, and I mostly see it uttered by sociopaths whose whole existence is being seen as perfect online. "Perfect" describes a performance, a plan gone off without a hitch, not a life lived. But it does beg the question of what Eve has seen as perfect up til now. Hanna and Marek were perfect, while she was struggling to get to their level. Now they are all wrong in some way, not through any real change, just a clarity of perception, and there are no parents, no role models to look to anymore.

6 thoughts on “#630 – not perfect, but good

  1. I dunno why, but that waddle-hug feels really… authentic? Just a weird little human thing you don't realize you're doing.

  2. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend (S) around the same age. We had a mutual friend (E) who was younger than us and enamored of S's relationship. E just thought that S and her partner were wonderful and S said something to the effect of "she has no idea how much work it is, but it's very flattering."

  3. Is this the first time we see Marek's eyes? If so, SYMBOLISMMMMMMMM…almost as if Eve is seeing everyone around her as actual people for the first time.

    1. She finally sees their reality. Had Marek's eyes been visible the entire time, just not to Eve?

      I'd always wondered if Meredith had planned his eyes to be revealed here for this specific arc.


  5. waddle waddle

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