#631 – the heck are you doing

Would Sean and Eve ever have sex of their own volition? To me there is a mutual contempt that, y'know, once in a while leads to something. At least in movies and high-end TV dramas. This is more a test of Eve's ability to be anything but the child, where clearly Sean has failed.

9 thoughts on “#631 – the heck are you doing

  1. Unlike the law of headlines, the answer here is clearly yes.

  2. So Sean just failed to put up his tent, so he assumed Marigold would invite him into hers? I always thought he didn't bring one, but then I remembered that page where he's struggling to put it together.

    1. Wow, did not notice that either…the biggest of oofs.

    2. This is night 2. Sean has already either spent a night outside or a night in Mar's tent, and given his Jorah Mormont costume to Mar's Daenarys, it would seem to be the latter. There was a whole story in this trip that we didn't see.

    3. I thought maybe the tent he was struggling to put up was Marigold's. Not sure though

  3. Well Sean indicated that he would go for it if Eve ever did in the Halloween comic. Though that's not really canon so who knows how serious that was.

    Also, frankly, Sean doesn't bring a whole lot to the table. Eve seems like she would have very little incentive to fuck him, particularly since everyone in their friend group would find out about it.

  4. Having a warm, cozy, DRY space suddenly squelched with wet smelly dirt sweat triggers me.

  5. It's weird I never read this whol sex thing simmering underneath all interactions. I always loved the comics for being an hones tlook into 20 somethings emotional lives. The underlying current of sex you describe was completely lost to me. Could it be that this is an American thing? I'm not from there myself but I always notice there's a lot of sex in the media. Just wondering, am I the only one who never read sex into a lot of these intersections at all!?

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