#628 – i’m beginning to see the cracks

4 thoughts on “#628 – i’m beginning to see the cracks

  1. What do you mean there are no comments yet? How am I supposed to know how I feel about this?

  2. Cracks? As in cracks in her relationship? Or the cracks in the sky from the couple panels a while back? I guess that's why she was so distant and preoccupied throwing herself into her work throughout the trip. I hope things turn out okay.

  3. "There is a crack in everything/
    "That's how the light gets in"

    ~Leonard Cohen, "Anthem"

  4. I had the same connotation about the cracks in the starry night sky. Although it's not Eve who is throwing herself into her work, that's Hanna. But I'd say Eve is the one seeing the cracks here, and her unconscious was seeing them even a while back in that last one-night-stand-story… Not cracks in a relationship or in the sky. Just cracks in general, world cracks, peace cracks, "things are ok and will stay ok in the future" cracks.

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