#626 – we’re here

I'm pretty sure this is the only mention of Mar trying to get Eve a job at her office. She just evades and the question never comes up again... I think! haha. I think I was just looking to build the idea that Eve wanted to leave her job, but had absolutely no alternative in mind. I go back and forth on whether this layout works, but presently I like it a lot. It's a bit non-linear, nesting the last 2 panels to the left of panel 3. But I think that just works in the service of how anticlimactic it is. Marek just wants to run down there and look, like a hyper-alert terrier, and the landscape is made for him.

5 thoughts on “#626 – we’re here

  1. People with the "shirt off" instinct whenever they get near a body of water are good folks in my experience

  2. I always read the last panel as Marek getting to the beach only to realize he still has his jeans on and is probably going to have to go back up and change into a bathing suit.

    1. similarly, I'd read it as he'd planned to be straight from stairs into the sea, only to be foiled by a lower tide than expected (both options still anticlimactic, just differently to how the author intended!)

    2. I read it as him running off the pier into the air over the water and standing there like a confident cartoon, not paying attention to the waves being only in front of him or how the footsteps behind him don't really look like a reflection or anything. But it was a really strange moment before I blinked.

  3. I love these landscapes. I foolishly under appreciated the art in a lot of these panels as I got more focused on the plot. a second viewing is exactly what I needed.

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