#625 – glamping

Glamping has become such a lazy joke that I'm not sure the page has aged well. I didn't really have time to draw it the way I wanted either. I do like the exchange between Eve and a man who is, apparently a slave. The Golden Hills of Emyrr were first referenced in Hanna's stoner tourism one-shot.

4 thoughts on “#625 – glamping

  1. I see only Marek helped himself to mandatory shoe removal. He also wears the sweater over collared shirts look even when camping.

  2. theforeignexchangers

    I kiind of heard of glamping watching Parks and Recreation for that one camping episode! So maybe some people temember that? I sure do!

  3. To be fair, I feel like it's often hard to tell whenever a trend pops up whether it is going fizzle out or become overplayed.

  4. Emyrr sounds like a nice place to visit

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