#610 – adjusted for inflation

Oh my gosh it's OVENS outside! Here's Wednesday's comic. I'm gonna drape myself over the AC for a while.

9 thoughts on “#610 – adjusted for inflation

  1. "W-w… Wisdom Bitch needs a minute."

  2. Panels 5 and 7 are awesome! Panel 5 sounds like someone's actually saying what I think most of the time. Don't we all?

  3. "Do I know what I want, or is it all a bunch of ideas?" – I've had trouble putting this feeling into words, but you did it so well.

  4. Will I like my fantasy when it gets here?

  5. I think I see the problem here… nothing can be spontaneous when you adjust for inflation, even smooches.

    I used to wonder why I never had any head-over-heels-in-love reactions, too. Then I saw my friends going through these crash-and-burn infatuations that would inevitably lead to them being depressed for half a year, and decided that "romantic" was basically a synonym for "not thinking things through properly."

  6. Am I gonna be the first one to name drop WIll?

    also this comic is amazing. I never knew how deep and thought provoking it would become and how good it would be at reflecting everything within nothing — these people are not stretches of reality, they aren't manic pixie girls(even though in the beginning Hannah was the embodiment of this trope, in a good way and aimee too, respectivly.), they're people. and the ideas they tackle and go through are mind blowing! like so many others let me be the Nth person to say you put into words what we can barely fathom into a straight string of thoughts

  7. I thought she was upset about making something ubiquitous and natural and easy like hanging out with your friends all pretentious, but she's just another character with Life Dissatisfaction?

  8. Hopefully by head over heals romance, she means purpose and a feeling of progression. Otherwise I do not understand. I'm definitely having trouble relating to this current arc.

  9. She's right. Romance is way overrated, but… If you haven't wanted someone with every fibre of your being, you haven't truly lived.

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