#606 – a bohemian kinkade painting

You guys I'm back in New York, finally! And I will be at the Grand Comics Festival in Brooklyn, NY this weekend: GCF logo--415x150 It's a FREE event and the exhibitor line-up looks rad as hell. Since it's a local show, I will be bringing a small number of rare, out-of-print Octopus Pie books. Come snap those up if you are the collecting type, or if you've been longing for a (someday soon) reprint of volume 1. I'll have a OP few minis and Marceline issues as well. COME BY!

22 thoughts on “#606 – a bohemian kinkade painting

  1. Is that restaurant thing actually something that's happening? If so, that is all sorts of ridiculous.

    1. It does, even in Geneva! http://www.justcookit.ch/

      Also it's not more expensive than a restaurant meal, it is more expensive than a regular home meal…

    2. Unfortunately, it's exactly the sort of thing an MBA would dream up, and even more unfortunately, it's exactly the sort of thing that enough people will buy.

      1. It definitely is…but I think we can rest easy that it isn't happening, if only because that would mean they'd be giving their recipes out to anyone who ordered, and a competitor could recreate their whole menu.

      2. ghostoffuturepast

        Coming atcha 150 weeks later, the Times with lifestyle opinion on Blue Apron: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/06/dining/meal-de

    3. It does exist in Geneva… it's called Just Cook It.

  2. That is the best Existential Grief Face I've seen today!

  3. And in that very moment, Jane realized that what she thought was just lunching with her pals and having a good time was all an elaborate, socially-induced illusion to get her to buy ridiculous items off of restaurant menus.

    That moment was when she decided to take the stairwell, and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  4. Looking at that Existential Grief Face is like looking into a mirror.

    That is looking into another mirror.

    That is looking into itself.


  5. I love where this storyline is going already!

  6. Maybe she's thinking like Spike from Portlandia. Going in is over!

  7. noooooo leave my hangout-times alone i neeeeeeed thiiiiissss

  8. Hee hee! "bohemian kinkade painting". Hee hee hee hee ahahaha

    That guy was an asshole and now he's dead

  9. Oh no, it's becoming *gasp* MAINSTREAM! NOOOO

  10. Will has also honed the art of the existential grief face: http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-09-20/398-administ

  11. Is this a New York thing? Down here in Austin the bars are as packed as ever.

  12. I'd say its more like a norman rockwell painting

  13. Haha a nature show about the Brooklyn hipster. See the hipster in its natural environment

  14. Marigold, I love you. But getting excited about doing something that's much more expensive than the exact same thing you're already doing….

  15. Oh, I am quite certain, given the current circumstances, she could make that existential grief face aaallllll dayyy.

    I know I could.

  16. y'all remember that time Gran predicted Blue Apron perfectly?

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