#603 – on the other side

This is one of my favorite pages in the series, I just love the rhythm of Marek sliding into place as they quietly inspect the profile. Small aside, but something I've noticed reading the original posts that accompanied these pages is that I traveled A LOT. It was mostly for comic conventions (hence announcing my trip) and that's pretty much the only places I would go back then. Work blurred into and mostly supplanted vacation as my only "leisure" time. I mention this because I think it's relevant to the state I was in when I wrote these pages: one of constant stimulation, impermanence and anxiety. I could barely stuff the overflow of my brain into these stories before I was on to new ideas. It's bittersweet, then, reading these pages and remembering. It was not a happy time for me - but a necessary and fruitful one. It was a time that can not be reproduced.

3 thoughts on “#603 – on the other side

  1. I love how Hannah hadn't even mentioned sex lol

  2. "I just can't believe I'm the cynical one here!"
    Oh Hanna… Just you wait.

  3. i mean if you have to ask

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