#602 – the inkwell overfloweth

A very schticky one! I think this might be the first sign that Olly is unraveling? He seems tired, unkempt, less in control. Less able to maintain the lie.

6 thoughts on “#602 – the inkwell overfloweth

  1. The original art for this comic is hanging framed on the wall to my left. 🙂

  2. I've always wondered: was the fact that Olly ran such a crappy shop (that still stayed in business until he decided to burn it to the ground) a judgement of people who will buy anything as long as you slap an Organic/Vegetarian/Vegan label on it?

    1. There\’s some of that, but my experience in NY is that every block has terrible businesses that end up getting your money just by proximity to housing, workplace and commuter paths. Throw in the rapid turnover of NY residents, and it\’s not even important to keep customers happy. Olly\’s to me is one of those businesses that (barely) survives by its very existence in a big expensive city.

      1. What you described is exactly what I was wanting confirmation of. Thanks!

        (Though the difference is that I was thinking it was more due to the Organic label, but I think you're saying that the store survives because there are people around that need food, and they don't live there long enough to get people to stop shopping there)

      2. “Olly’s Organix–What, you’re gonna walk another block?”

        1. Bingo.

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