#588 – yes i remember

I like that Hanna's captions merge, first in font and then with the removal of balloons, with the pixel art. Lacey's choices for icons of the 90s are immaculate here. It takes me to a dark place to think about any of these characters or objects - all commodities on the first pass - and how my memories of them have been further commodified. Nostalgia is a painful feeling when you get right down to it.

7 thoughts on “#588 – yes i remember

  1. Who's the green dude?

    1. A Troll doll.

  2. Love that Jay Sherman got included. The Critic has always been one of my favorite shows. Jon Lovitz's comedic ability is criminally underrated.

    1. LOL! I came to the comments to write something similar. I need to see if the show still holds up…

      1. My favorite moment is still the moment Jay's father rides a monster truck through "Guernica":

  3. This animated** amazingly in the print version too.

    **while high

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