#585 – aaah

Here is another page drawn by me with colors by Lacey Micallef! We are having fun with this. Stay tuned there is more!!

31 thoughts on “#585 – aaah

  1. I love panel 5. I love, love, love, love panel 5.

  2. Good stuff!!
    "It can take a while to kick in"… http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-01-24/574-still-in

    1. Aw jeeze, I completely forgot about that!

      How long until Hannah gets kicked out of the gallery by a talking long-eared aardvark?

    2. the worst part (best part?) is that she just ate a pot brownie… so once that kicks in she's gonna be done for.


  4. oh wow I bet it would feel all like "whoosh" and like a fizzy kaleidoscope under your skin but not in a painful way. I'm really excited to see where this is going!

  5. How did you make that animation in panel one?

    1. her friend @ lulinternet.com

  6. Oh wow, that last panel is anime as hell. About-to-go-super-mode shot, but Hanna's hair is already white.

  7. Go for it!

  8. I imagine the end of this arc will have Hannah banned from the MET.

  9. I can't wait to see the kickstarter for a print edition of these strips that maintain the animation!

    1. Okay.

      That was pretty damn good.

  10. I went "Aaah".
    And then I looked at the title of the comic.
    And it was "Aaah".
    And then I went "Aaah" again.
    Some hardcore twilight zone shit irl over here.

  11. and then Hannah got a persona! Neat!

    1. I am thou, and thou art me, and oh man, Will was right about that stuff I'm really starting to feel it.

  12. Man, this comic feels like an old Looney Tunes-type animation (look at panels 2 and 5!) if Looney Tunes was both artsy and kaleidoscopically high all the time. It's utterly fantastic. Hannah's the best.

  13. Oh no. Psychosis happened to a friend of mine after long-term overuse of weed. Hanna, time to stop!

    All that foreshadowing…

  14. Oh no, I'm worried… for the reality of this situation

  15. Well, now that song is stuck in my head.

  16. Do it, Hannah. It is your destiny.

  17. jaaaaaaaaaaaaames

    i'm hoping for a trainspotting moment. the one with the toilet and the pill.

  18. this has gotten cah-razy!!

  19. I have an idea! In the print edition, you insert those little plastic hologram things which google tells me are called lenticular photos! (Cost be damned! Special edition!)

    1. haha this is a great idea that i'll never be able to do!

  20. Damn it, Tumnus! Will you close the friggin' window, or do you WANT a whole pile of Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve to come flying in?

  21. In the next comic Hanna breaks into reality, and Mer announces her new series of Octopus Pie plushies

  22. Wherever that leads to, I wish I could go there and never look back…

  23. Take on meeeeee~!

  24. I can see Hannah wrecking the museum, oh here it goes

  25. Cycling back through here for at least the third time, and only _now_ am I getting how much Harold and the Purple Crayon Hannah has had going all along

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