#579 – the met

This was a little bit of commentary on Yelper culture and people's fear of not having the universally biggest & best possible experience at all times. I had this fear for a while and eventually realized I was having an identical experience to everyone else with the same anxiety, which meant it couldn't possibly be the best - only the safest. Not that there's anything wrong with safety... it's just not a marker of taste the way the wearer thinks it is. Obviously the biggest fine art museum falls into the "best possible" category, as does listening to classical & jazz, and like, living in New York.

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  1. I don't know if I've gotten over that fear or if I've just gotten too tired and busy to plan things out to a tee.

  2. Hanna and Jane's interactions are interesting to me – for people who are simply in proximity to each other rather than actual friends, they get a lot of dialogue in the comic passing through a series of phases. From work acquaintance here, to tentative allies in the witch arc, to Jane not even acknowledging Hanna in the final story.

    In each of these phases, Hanna's typical domineering dynamic gets inverted. It consistently feels like she's on the back foot whereas Jane is the one who sees her for who and what she is.

    Makes a stark comparison with Hanna's coddling treatment of Mar a few pages back.

    1. I go back and forth on this – does Jane snub Hanna at the party, or see her and know that the last thing she'd want is to be acknowledged when she's so vulnerable? Jane knows who Hanna is, because they share key traits – they're both "witches", but Jane's decision to pursue a relationship with Marigold shows Jane has chosen the way she wants her "witch" to live.

      Really interested to hear Ms Gran's take on it when the time comes!

  3. You say there are other people with this anxiety?? Asking for a friend

  4. I'm sad we never got a story on the Cool Lady Makeouts Book Club.

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