#580-581 – dude, what

This is probably the closest I ever got to articulating a class difference between Will and Hanna. Really, between Hanna and most of the cast. It's not something she spends a lot of time worrying about, but Will definitely does, and more than once he stakes his future on her, either materially or y'know, otherwise.

7 thoughts on “#580-581 – dude, what

  1. christ almighty, will

  2. I never really thought about there being a class difference between the characters.
    I guess subconsciously I assumed they all came from a similarly bourgie household since they were all "hipsters".

    1. Agreed. Mer, would you mind elaborating on the main cast's backgrounds? It's incredible to me that I know so much about everyone's emotional lives and almost nothing about their bios prior to the strip's events.

  3. I think most realistic and semi-realistic webcomics are located in a buji context, by which I mean not the real bourgeoisie but those further down the socioeconomic food chain who aspire to the lifestyle and values of the bourgeoisie. Also the characters are young people (mostly) so they can hope to move up the chain to their parents' position at least through acquiring seniority and inheritance. Or they could, once upon a time.

  4. Will's look is SO inner-city early 2000's.

    Props for accuracy there.

  5. That second panel is so fantastic. The exaggerated expressions and the motion are completely dynamic.

  6. Absolutely outstanding Art Brut reference in the alt text here 🙂

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