#577 – just me

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  1. Sometimes that's all ya need.
    I can relate. I used to get that look from friends all the time~ Haha!

  2. I go to bars by myself too! Why do I do that?!

    Is it that bad to prefer to drink alone than with a bunch of coworkers/acquaintances?

  3. Mar likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long, hard day at the office because she is a classy lady like that. She is going to be such a mom.

  4. Dat face in the bottom left panel. :T

    1. that face just makes me think, "Beaton."

  5. This may have been answered before but how much do you plan these storylines in advance? Is there a planned ending for OP? (I kinda hope not because it's so fab, but all good things etc…)

  6. I prefer sitting in an empty white room. Seriously, this isn't some depression thing. Recliner in an empty quiet room, perhaps a cat if he's feeling cooperative, a mug of hot cider and I can let my mind wander for hours.

    1. I've only recently tried hot apple cider and I must say that I completely agree with using it in relaxation.

      1. It's been my go-to because I don't like coffee and I'm allergic to chocolate. So cider and teas are my hot beverages.

        1. I . . . might have read that as cider and tears. Maybe it's not a depression thing for YOU . . .

  7. I'm glad that Marigold's lookin' okay.

  8. Well, you know when she drinks alone,
    she prefers to be by herself.

  9. Hanna doesn't know how to have unscheduled fun. Worst hippie, bar none.

  10. Man, this got real awkward real quick. It's usually unpleasant to find out that you may not know your friends as well as you thought you did.


  12. I frequently read a book, alone at a bar. Sometimes I talk to the bartender.

  13. I don't know how to go out by myself without feeling like a bag of awkward.

    1. Heh, neither do I. I wish I could, but… yeah. Big bag of awkward.

    2. I don't know how to go out with any number of people without feeling like a bag of awkward.

      1. I don't know how to NOT feel like a bag of awkward.

  14. I figured that the implied question at the end was "…pick up random dudes?"

  15. Hanna is doing my least favorite thing in the winter: holding onto a giant coat that now serves no purpose indoors and is just a big poofy burden.

  16. -wave your hands in the air like you just dont care?

  17. Why yes Hannah, a person can indeed enjoy themselves alone. Is this a sign of you having a few abandonment issues perhaps? Nahhh probably not. Now that I think about it more, I think Hannah just doesn't know how to NOT be doing something.

  18. Hmm. Marigold's too tired to go to Hanna's house, but has the energy to go to a bar…

  19. I'm siding with Hanna on this one… I can't even go to a coffee shop alone.

  20. I can so totally relate to that.

  21. The best part of this is the rollover text. It's the same as the text for the page that this one replaced.

  22. This is gonna be 20 questions lol

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