#576 – i don’t party anywhere

Hanna and Mar are on a precipice here, where Mar clearly has her life more on track than Hanna but is still kind of the submissive and cajoled one by default. Can a relationship ever continue when that dynamic shifts?

6 thoughts on “#576 – i don’t party anywhere

  1. I cant get over Hannah in panel 1. Hey fuckers.

  2. Homestuck! On Ice!

    1. I keep throwing money at my screen and nothing is happening.

  3. The Witch One is a classic.

  4. i am very late to this but i worked for 21cf for a couple years and marigold's view of time square is almost identical to the one i had. considering i was underpaid by a significant margin and the management was as ghoulish as you'd expect a murdoch owned property to be it was just about the only silver lining. at the time i was jealous of mar for having a good job in addition to the office space, and in hindsight i guess i still kind of am, ha.

  5. here it is! the page that got me into this comic! thanks, background homestuck reference!

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