#573 – babies get in free

Hi guys! Hope you had a good weekend. A bagel and coffee shop opened near my apartment and I've been writing there pretty often. It's very calming to have a nearby space for that, especially when it's cold! Life is hectic in a way I will put forth vaguely. See you soon.

39 thoughts on “#573 – babies get in free

  1. oh snap crackle and pop!


  3. For some reason, I absolutely love the last panel. Showing the way Eve cranes her neck to look at Hannah through the glass is a good character moment.

  4. Her expressions are priceless..

    1. No, they actually cost a lot of money. How much you got

  5. best webcomic

  6. last panel is best panel!

  7. Holy shit. That last panel is tops.

  8. Man, even Hanna is all conflicted these days.
    What's worse is I feel like I know what she's talking about. Like you have to physically force yourself to enjoy your situation, instead of just feeling happy.
    Does anyone else always feel a constant pressure surrounding them, making it impossible to be blissfully unaware? Is it a sign of the times? Or just growing up?

    Regardless, some great growth for Hanna, makes me think of her differently.

    1. I find a drive helps. Oldies on the radio and everything just relaxes.

    2. I know exactly what you mean; EXACTLY. I chalked it up to just growing up; after all, a wise woman in another webcomic once observed how depressing it is to realize that life basically gets harder & more complicated the older you get.

    3. I used to. Then I stopped giving a shit, and everything is great.
      What's weird to me here is Hannah already seems like the not-giving-a-shit type, so where she's feeling this pressure from, I don't know. Perhaps that guilt-trip some people like to do where they beat themselves up for being "lazy" over not doing enough? And her lines came across stilted, like she was reading from a shakespeare play. "How can I clear my mind…even for a MOMENT?" What the heck are you hung up on, Hannah? Wanderlust or something?

  9. Hahahahahaha, shut the fuck up and stop whining, Hanna.

  10. You know how to end on a high note.

  11. A child, in the 90s. OH GOD I'M OLD.

    1. dude, i wasn't even alive in the 90s

      1. uncool dude, so much uncool. God

  12. Not only do we get last panel Smug Eve, but we also get second panel Animu Eyes Eve!

    Meredith, you are a saint in the great yuckgoo that is the intertubes.

  13. I want Eve as my best friend, so I can be frustrated with her all the time, but actually grudgingly admit when she's gone that she's full of supergood burns.

    And then I will steal those burns. And everyone will think I am clever.

  14. I know the second panel is an instant classic but lets just take a moment to reminisce on panel 2

  15. "What if I just spent the day remembering the nineties…?"

    Does Hanna have a tumblr account?

  16. "I just want the peace I felt as a child"
    Maybe you should think about what has changed and why, Hannah. Is it you? Is it the world around you? What was it like as a child and after reflecting upon that do you still want it?
    "Maybe if I just spent the day remembering the 90's"
    Well, pokemon and skip-its are fun as well.
    Oh hannah. You're smarter than that.

    1. But the very best thing of allll, there's a counter on this ballll, so SKIP IT, SKIP IT…

  17. That's gonna be a difficult burn to recover from.

  18. Sassy Eve is the sexiest of Eves ^^

  19. I love this so much. Eve's face in the last panel, oh gosh.

  20. This one is so great

  21. Sorry, Eve. "WHY YES HANNA I WOULD LOVE TO SPEND THE DAY REMEMBERING THE 90S WITH YOU" was the correct response to Panel 5.

  22. eve is so proud of herself for that sick burn

  23. I don't know, guys. The after-school-special eyes in panel 2 are pretty spectacular as well.

  24. Eve's 'Don't Do Drugs' eyes in the second panel and then that look on the last panel lol awesome

  25. my favorite page i will have this engraved on my tombstone

  26. Eve is my twin soul.

    Only better with smug comebacks.

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