#572 – what’re you doing today

15 thoughts on “#572 – what’re you doing today

  1. Me too, Eve. Me too 🙁

  2. The clopening shift is proof of dude's inhumanity to dudes.

    1. Word, dude. Word.

  3. Oh Eve, my comrade, I too know your worker's lament.

  4. Clopenings suck.

  5. Clopen. Arrgh, of course there's a word for that.

  6. I hope I am not the only person who had to look that up.

  7. Clopening is illegal in Canada.

    1. You say that like it prevents it from happening, lol.

    2. Really, I have to do clopenings at least 3x a week here in ol' BC :/.

    3. Not illegal you only need to give 11 hours beween shifts. Even then there are exceptions.

  8. I'm pretty sure I've performed the raspberry/fartnoise version of MMMBop at one point. Most likely when it was popular and refused to exit my headspace for a period of longer than six hours. Thanks for putting it back, I guess.

  9. Man, first time I've seen "clopen" in fiction. I think that makes Octopus Pie most like my real life…my sad, sad clopening-ridden real life.

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