#571 – vacation day

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  2. mmmbop bup ba dop doop shoobey duwop boop bip beep bohp

  3. Hanna WOULD have MMMBop as a ringtone.

  4. VACATION DAY :'D I need one D':

  5. Mmm Bop Ba Duba Dop Ba Dibby Dop Ba Dubop Badu, yeah-oh-ye-ah
    Oh Hanson, that song was so awful.

  6. Rawk that free time like it was your job!

  7. Aw the fifth panel is so cute!

  8. eeeeee! I missed Hanna and Marek!!!!!! all we need now is ducks. O_O I'm serious.

  9. A day off? I smell shenHANNAgans!!

  10. I looked up myszka, thinking it'd be a cute pet name, but haha it's not o-o

    1. "Mouse", right? It could be a cute pet name.

        1. Well it DOES say "MILDLY vulgar" and "affectionate"!

    2. it's an extremely cutesy name in polish for mouse. :3 It's like saying mousykins or something in english.

  11. A new storyline that starts out with Marek and Hanna? Now I'm worried.

  12. I should very much like to find out!

  13. omg so cute, yeah ive missed these two!!

  14. Oh no, that alt text does not bode well 🙁

  15. This is refreshing! While I like the comic's pace, I get a sense that the development of the non-Eve characters is now "catching up" with hers.

    Haven't had a Hanna-centric story since the one about Park's dog, right?

  16. Hanna's legs are just indescribably cute. <3

  17. I'm worried too. Last we heard there was an unresolved issue about whether or not to have kids or a career… And there has been a lot of romantic badness going around. Don't break up my favorite couple!!! NOOOOOES.

  18. octopus pie day!

    octopus pie day! octopus pie day!

    I am just as excited, kinda funny that your next storyline after vacation is about Hanna's time off. Bring it.

  19. I finally finished!!!! I have been reading all of the Octupus Pies since the Beginning and I finally finished! Whoo yeah! Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du Yeah Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, Ba du dop Ba du bop, Ba du dop Ba du yeah!

  20. They play mmm-bop over the sound system every single day at my work. The radio station doesn’t know what decade it is.

  21. I want this storyline in a book. In my hands. Yesterday.

  22. I've missed Hanna and Marek as well. Let's give them more screen time, h'okay?

  23. Got sick so stuck at home getting bored forever
    Awesome girlfriend said i might like this octopus pie thing
    She sends me a link
    22 hs and 571 pages later i can finally say i am in love
    Not that i am called Marek, but she is called Hanna

  24. Aw, cute Polish nickname, "myzska" or mouse. 🙂

  25. put a bird and a mouse ON IT!

  26. YAY I've missed Hannah! 😀

  27. That's actually the funny thing about having vacation time – you sometimes just can't decide what to do with it when you finally get it. It's either you have so many options to choose from or are just stunned by not needing to do anything that you can't think of any choices to begin with.

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