#570 – poor girl has issues

That's the end of this story, and of comics for the YEAR! I'm typing this from Montreal where it's pretty cold but great. I'm gonna take a little time off for the holiday. Octopus Pie updates will resume 2nd week of January!

12 thoughts on “#570 – poor girl has issues

  1. "Seasonal defective?" Is he really talking about her monthly cycle? Gawrd. Yeah, Mar, go meet some new people.

    1. Depression due to seasons like winter can get people really, really depressed at times. It’s why a good friend of mine moved away from the pacific northwest. It just got them way too down in the winter times.

      But Sean isn’t reading her body language very well, yeah. But I wonder how much of how weird I see him acting is out of sympathy for Mar? She’s definitely got projection problems, at this moment, and I think Sean really does want to be helpful, he’s just… not good at it. At all.

      1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

        Remember that it’s implied they’ve been friends since childhood, so if she suffers from seasonal depression he likely knows about it.

  2. I like how no one is recognizing Sean's need to invalidate Mar's emotions. He suggests she's only upset because of SAD, not because she might have a legit reason. That's why she reacts the way she does.

    Also, he says in the second panel that shit's gone down 3-4 times, and he's been scouting for her all night. Once is a mistake. 3-4? That shit's a pattern, however much he wants to deny it.

  3. You know, people are gonna hate me for this but is Marigold completely wrong for thinking Sean has got some wrong motivations? Is Sean Completely right in arguing that all he wants is to be a good friend, and that there's no way he's insinuating himself into a relationship too? People, just because you like people don't mean they can't be morally ambiguous.

  4. Sean is definitely being weird here, but Mar is simply projecting her fears on to everything.

  5. It's kind of ironic that the one thing missing from Marigold's and Sean's relationship is closure.

    They both clearly have things to say to each other, but neither wants to put in the effort to speak them out loud.

  6. What the actual f*ck? (Pardon my french)

    Dammit, I did it again. Stumble upon one strip and find it pretty good: A few hours – and five-hundred and damn-me seventy strips later I'm sitting here asking myself how the hell I managed to overlook this -gem- of a sequential.

    Gran? Thanks. Simply said. This is a -powerful- story so far, and I'm lucky and thankful that you're sharing it with us.

  7. It's a pretty shitty thing to deal with (as I also have it) and sometimes it just sneaks up on you if you aren't paying attention to the light cycles.

  8. Congrats, Meredith, on being listed in Comics Alliance's best of 2012: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2013/01/02/best-com

    You rock!

  9. If someone's arms are crossed in front of them like that, it's a pretty good hint that gratuitous hugs are not wanted. And dismissing whatever she's feeling with glib references to seasonal affect disorder is both condescending would be justifiably infuriating. "oh you don't have real concerns, it's just your silly little brain acting up again." But I have to live in horrible Seattle, which is full of passive-aggressive types like this, and I recognize the primitive schemes so common here. (anyone who moved to New York and failed to conceal all traces of his shameful origins would be instantly suspect, in my opinion. But he's Meridith's character, and exists in the world's she's created – every author creates their own world, says Nabokov – and so none of this may apply at all.)

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