#570 – poor girl has issues

Here we see that Sean is no better at understanding how Mar's feeling than Will is. It's almost as if he doesn't care - he's decided what she needs, because it fits a story in his head. It's a story that causes him great unhappiness too, though he doesn't know it. If she'd just follow along everything would be fine, right? No? Well, she's obviously a fucked up person who needs help, then (and maybe he can help her!). I'm not pretending I haven't been on either side of this. The kindest thing Mar can do for Sean is set boundaries, and here she's so wounded she barely musters the strength to do it.

8 thoughts on “#570 – poor girl has issues

  1. You should be a therapist, Meredith.

    1. This was meant as a compliment, by the way. Your comments seem to have a lot of emotional/social insight. I thought I’d clarify since people are downvoting my comment so maybe it came off as sarcasm?

      1. haha I thought it was a nice thing to say!

  2. And here's the other side. If Mar's using Sean for his friendship, he's using that friendship right back to maintain closeness when she tries to communicate her limits. It seems like she's giving him a guilt-free way to get out of the Nice Guy realm and stop putting his emotional energy into her, but he's talking to her like he's forgiving a cheating girlfriend that he can't live without.

  3. I just finished a period of time vacillating between being Marigold and Sean. It does not feel kind to set those boundaries, but I'm encouraged today to see this and be reminded it is in fact, the kindest thing I can do.

  4. I love the optimistic numbers Sean goes with for "stuff happened"…#stretchgoals

  5. I cheered in my head for Mar when she said no. I know it hurts, girl, but you had to do it!

  6. This page helped me realize that I hadta meet new people.

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