#568 – closure

I think I could've made it more clear that Mar vomited on Will's dick - if you remember the dream she described in the previous chapter it's easy enough. Otherwise, the visual cue of the wet towel isn't immediately obvious. I don't know if the 3rd hidden girl works spatially on the couch, or even makes sense. But maybe still worth it for the surprise.

7 thoughts on “#568 – closure

  1. See, @Mr Ak? Closure!

  2. No, I am as dense as it gets and this was extremely obvious for me

  3. And I love you, Broseph.

  4. This is easily one of my favorite pages. I didn't realize until rereading the first time that Mar definitely barfed on his dick, loved the reveal

  5. I did not catch that the first time, always more layers to this comic!

  6. I think the fact that the 3rd girl makes no sense spatially is the best part. Also I love panel 8, it's so economical

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