#540 – what’s that s’posed to mean

Sorry for the hiccup, guys. I missed about a week of posts because this month has been NONSTOP travel and it's hard enough to get everything done while I'm at home. I've posted for all the days I missed, so go back and check! I think it's a nice detail that Eve is sleeping in a regular pair of shorts and nothing else. Speaks to how depressing these days of summer are. Marigold is foreshadowing to a future story punchline that no, I didn't plan for.

5 thoughts on “#540 – what’s that s’posed to mean

  1. I kind of loved getting them all at once! Like a nice present with a bow (your commentary) wrapped around it. I'm really loving this re-visit.

  2. Getting them all at once was nice but It messed up my mindscape to not have my daily commentary.

  3. I really appreciate you taking the time to add your commentary, and I am also really enjoying this re-visit!

  4. Wow, your crazy busy month coincided with MY crazy busy month. I didn't even notice the hiccup, it's been so long since I had the spare leisure time to catch up. Great timing!

    You really capture the feel of weird dream logic well. That inexplicable, frustrating feeling from being unable to do such basic things. Man I am bad at putting it into words. Good think your words and pictures are here to do a proper job.

    Also, everyone go read Marceline and the Scream Queens that got mentioned last page. It's good, y'all. I just re-downloaded the digital version of it for a re-read last month in anticipation of Dorian power-outs.

  5. That middle panel of Eve sleeping is my favourite bit of summer desperation and truly captures the worst part of a nightmare: waking up to a worse reality.

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