#526 – never

I clearly wanted to end this story and get on with my life (to what..?). The gadgetry were a means to moving the story along, something I turned to in my time of need.

5 thoughts on “#526 – never

  1. Not on the first time through, but I just realized this is is a perfect analogy for how these techbros behave in the comment sections (on certain other sites, this one is nice). Except instead of a real explosive (too bad) he'd just start using racial or gender/orientation slurs and B&.

  2. Look at that chonky NECC

  3. As a long-time reader, I didn't know you'd been going through such a hard time as you were making this comic. I'm sorry to find out now after so many years, hope things are better now, and I'm impressed you were still making such great art in this period.

  4. "Self Destruct New" and "Self Destruct Plus" never quite took off like the Classic. Something about the feeling of 'exploded' not feeling quite as 'explodey' enough. And the app was dogshit too.

    1. It just had a warmer feel to it, you know?

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