#503 – scratches

There's sort of a fantasy embedded in this one, of hanging around a person who will talk popular music in a critical way with you. In my world there's never been a lot of crossover between comics/animation people and avid music devourers. In general they are hard to find, increasingly so with the fading of sites like Pitchfork and the uptick in bot-generated playlists. I get it, nobody has time to care this much. Still, I met someone at a party recently who talked enthusiastically with me about our lifetime of music for half an hour, and it felt very good: like an itch I've been wanting to scratch.

2 thoughts on “#503 – scratches

  1. Man, I get you. And when you find somebody who may want to talk about music, it turns out that they are all aggro-tribalist about their tastes so everything you like is objectively crap but if you are willing to be educated, they'll explain to you exactly why and how and what you should like instead.

  2. Whenever I meet up with Croatian comic book artists I feel so stupid next to their immense music knowledge (compared to mine at least). Don't know if it's the right kind of music but if you ever get a chance to talk to Esad Ribic and co from Zagreb, ask them about music they like 🙂

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