#502 – have you two met?

So the idea of this comic was a nightmare backfiring of a favorite tactic of mine: introducing two people whose names I want to learn, to each other. I think it just reads as Eve not knowing the name of the person, and there's a bunch of wasted panels before that happens. Not clear! Still, this hasn't really failed me yet.

5 thoughts on “#502 – have you two met?

  1. Oh god, my ex-girlfriend was the Julie to my Eve in this exact situation once. I loved her, and we're still good friends, but there were some ways in which we were NOT in sync.

  2. In addition to this scenario is the arguably more embarrassing version where you’re with a friend and you run into someone you KNOW FOR SURE but your friend doesn’t. You attempt to introduce your friend to the third person, and for whatever reason your brain has suddenly decided to forget their name. This person. That you see everyday. At work. Everyday.

    Both times I’ve prayed for a violent earthquake to destroy all of society.

    1. I prayed for an air strike in my case.

  3. This is a tried-and-true method of mine and panel six literally made me shout "NO" the first time I read it. I feel like we should all have the social presence of mind to know that when someone introduces us to someone else without saying their name, it's our job to reach out a hand and ask for it.

  4. definitely read it as intended, all too relatable..

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