#501 – mega hurts

I would've liked to expand on Will's family and French Canadian background, but it never came to pass. I had a really stupid story about a summer of kid Will's life, where his friend's big brother wrote letters to Rivers Cuomo pretending to be a teenager from Japan, while kid Will agonized over the deception. There were other things about the story, but that was the stupidest thing I didn't do.

6 thoughts on “#501 – mega hurts

  1. That Will story sounds like it would have ruled haha

  2. I would be totally down for a re-mythologizing of "Across the Sea" that somehow manages to make Rivers Cuomo even more of a creep.

  3. I love that the "obscure ingredient" that Will fetches is table salt!

  4. But we count on you to take the really stupid sounding premises and make awesome strips from them. I don't think that would have been a problem. But big wheel keep on turning.

  5. I just belly laughed in my room at that Across the Sea bit that I desperately wish made it into the comic

  6. Was that a lip kiss????

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