#481 – looks pretty stupid

This strip seeks to answer no questions. Sean, Hanna and Will represent the endless cycle of ideas that run through my head when I'm marketed to directly. In recent years, and for aging millennials, it's gotten worse. Remakes of Disney movies in particular feel like an assault on my senses, something I'm forbidden from ignoring. I not only don't want to see them, but I don't want to form an opinion on them. But is that even possible? Will thinks it is. Will, like me, is mad a lot of the time.

8 thoughts on “#481 – looks pretty stupid

  1. I JUST REALIZED: You're Will.

  2. People that bring Will to INSTANT SWEATY STUBBLE RAGE:
    Puget Sean
    LA Cody
    White Dudes

  3. Courtney Nicole Lee

    Is that movie poster from the Kate Beaton comic?

  4. I have been Sean, and now, like Will, hate Seans.

  5. I love your strip very much. I loved it the first time around, and I am loving it again. I love it due to the relationships and interactions among the characters. I know nothing at all about how important media manipulation may be to this strip, as I don't own a cellphone, don't watch Disney remakes, etc. etc. – Obviously, I do own a computer, as I am really enjoying the characters on their second go-round – Thank you –

  6. Oh my god I'm Puget Sean.
    I… I need some time to process this…

    1. I wouldn't freak out too much. Puget Sean is uncharacteristically cogent in the first row as the channeled oracle of the divine. But then it leaves him and he's normal Puget Sean in the second row.

  7. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I remember Sean and Will having a conversation.
    Do they hang out? I feel like Will has only two friends: Hanna and Larry haha. Everyone else is just proxy friends through those two.

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