#478 – oh word

That's the end of this arc! At last. Hope you liked it. I'm going to be doing some one-shots or short stories for the next few weeks. Have a good weekend!

55 thoughts on “#478 – oh word

  1. Heh, Will's "Idunno" face and posture are done perfectly.

    It'd be nice to wake up to Croissants after passing out on the floor.

    1. I agree. But I feel like Cody is jerky mcjerk in this one.

      1. Cody's totally being a jerk there. Just take it and say thanks! It's whatchu do~

        Free stuff is always awesome!

        Besides, he could totally smoke up before his flight and have a super chill ride home xD

        1. You must enjoy airports more than most people.

  2. CROISSANTS! I love the determination in his face upon deciding he's going to bake!

  3. Will is too good to be true sometimes!

    1. He is the very best fictional drug dealer.

  4. Thanks for the story!

    Your "forward" arrow doesn't appear on the next to last page, so advancing to the last page only happens by loading the O.P. homepage.

  5. Mmmmm. Will is yummy. And so are croissants.

  6. I just found out this comics on Google + ! I have no idea what it's about yet, but I dig the art style !! I think I'm gonna have a busy week-end reading it all… 🙂

    1. You won't regret it!

    2. Google+: bringing people together. With comics. That is, people + comics. Google+.

    3. Congratulations! ^^ You've just found out one of the best things in the whole world wide web.

  7. What a sweetheart. ^_^

  8. there have been a lot of bros learning lessons recently, good for them

  9. Man, never look free weed in the mouth. Just rip it all before you get on the Air Train.

    1. What this guy said.

    2. *Rolls eyes* That Cody guy really has a serious case of the douchebags.

  10. This is a great arc. It was awkward waiting for the updates, but honestly, going right through it, it was perfectly told. You did a good job with this one.

  11. And… what *kind* of croissants will those be?

  12. I loooved this arc! Well worth waiting for the updates.

  13. Yes, word.

    This comic just keeps on getting better

  14. Croissants take forever to make. I hope Will's a baking god.

    1. Not the kind that come in a can! But seriously I want to see Will laminate some dough.

    2. I figure those passed out guys aren't going to wake up for another few hours anyway.

    3. My thoughts exactly. So much resting.

  15. I like how you brought to the spotlight those that only think of weed as a party drug, rather than being a full blown stoner.

    What the hell, wrap that bitch a thousand times and put it in tupperware, dude.

    I've noticed recently that new-found romances always seem to bring out the best in people. Good character progression!

  16. Man, Cody's the real thing, huh? Lucky for him Will's in less of a Hulk mood.

  17. Augh, I'm caught up! What do I do now?

    1. Survive like the rest of us do

    2. Uh, re-read?

    3. dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed


  18. DX MAN!

    All I ever got when passed out on the floor was a hang over. Oh and a "You gotta leave, dude. I gotta go to work."

    1. I got pancakes once. Best hangover ever! ^_^

  19. will, look at you getting your life together!! I'm so proud of you!

  20. Bros Learning Lessons should be OP's new title, probably.
    I'm kay with it

  21. i am in love with panel six <3

  22. Why is Will being so nice? Did he get laid in the span of the last comic and this one? So many questions…

  23. Me and my good friend Admiral Ackbar have certain suspicions about Will's offer of deceitfully delectable croissants.

  24. ilovedyouwellnevermind

    Cody hasn't done a very good job of reping Los Angeles.

    …But the v-neck and skinny jeans are spot on.

  25. I was just about to have a croissant. 😀

  26. Just realized why he's making the croissants: practice.

    1. Ahh man, I just came to the comments to say that. Beat me to it.

    2. Interesting… so he's serious about rejoining hanna's business. I wonder what happened with that – by hanna's expression in that strip, I would guess he screwed up somehow – she's forgiven him as a friend, but doesn't know if she can/should trust him with her business again.

      1. My guess is that he's the "intern that didn't work out" she referred to in the intern story arc.

  27. Oh goodness, that expression. "A'on't fuckin' know"

  28. "Now who wants a motherfucking SOUFFLE?" 😀

  29. Man I want a croissant.

  30. Stëël Dïsq?ëböll

    I personally think that as character Will would have been a lot cooler if instead of a drug dealer he was a really awesome pimp. Like purple zoot suit, giant hat, leopard spots and and all that jazz.

  31. Cody is the bad kind of Naive.

    Asshat Naive.

    I wonder if he watches Fox News.

  32. Aimee in panel one is making a quick exit before Cody can make a "scrambled or fertilized" joke.

  33. I wonder how much weed you could bake into a croissant? I mean, they're about 90% butter…

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