Comic Con Interlude

I'm off to San Diego Comic Con! Enjoy this illustration until my return. If you come to the show you may get to own a copy of this drawing on paper! In addition I'll have books (fingers crossed for Listen At Home to show up) and I'll be doing sketches and such. I will NOT be at Comic Con on Preview Night, sadly. But come find me on Thursday onward for sure. I'm at the Dumbrella Booth, #1335, in the now very distinctive webcomics section. I'll also be on a panel on Thursday: DUMBRELLA Panel discussion in Room #4 Thursday July 21st from 12:30pm to 1:30pm Hope to see you there for another great year! --- For those concerned about your book pre-order, the books are on their way to me right now. Again, thanks for waiting so long. The process has taken much longer than expected, and no one wants to see this book more than me! I'll be posting here as soon as I have them, and getting the signed copies out ASAP.

33 thoughts on “Comic Con Interlude

  1. everything is so floaty, loving the new illustration

  2. Dammit, Eve, get it together!

  3. I notice that Aimee now also seems to have cut her hair. You're the only one left Eve!!!

    1. hah, that's Julie. I probably shouldn't have given them the same head shape years ago. I was so young~

  4. marek's lil butt!!!! and hot dog

    1. I needs to get me a hotdog float.

  5. Ohhh! With all the fuss around the Canada Post, I was worried my pre-order got lost in the mail. Glad to hear that they are coming. Thanks for the update! Whew. 🙂

    And I love the illustration. Will you be selling it online?

    1. Double that idea! Or you could have it as a wallpaper for download… (:

  6. Is Greg getting seasick on a floaty?

    Love the inner-tube, I Mean Interlude, definitely feels very Summery.

    1. I thought that was Olly.

      1. Olly has a rounder,more prominent Jaw and his nose faces down and has a loop in it (my guess is it's a nostril). plus his chest and arms are A LOT hairier.

        1. You forgot to mention that Olly is also WAY fatter than Greg is x3

          I thought it was Olly at first glance too but the second time I looked I was like "oh, no, definitely not.'

  7. Summery Exes Cute-ion! Lovely work!
    To Meredith – Best of luck (he said, somewhat self-servingly) with the books! I think we all understand it's just real-world delays influencing our favourite graphic fiction… just like this heat (Up to 38øC (izzat 108F?) tomorrow!) making my computer melt.

  8. Anyway we could get a nice desktop sized version of this for a wallpaper?

  9. Marigold reminds me of the sister from Mind Game. This is a good thing! 😀

  10. Wow this doesn't help dispel my mancrush on Marek at all. :I

  11. Don't want to be greedy… But there's no chance at a wallpaper, is there?

  12. I loveee this so much! not to sound ungrateful but this would be awesome to have in a tile ready format, id love to use it as a full screen background! right now its stuck as a centered image!

  13. I know you're still getting comments on this, but I absolutely ADORE Marigold and Hannah's haircuts! <3 Awesome job finding such great styles for them.

  14. Summery Exes Cute-ion! Lovely work!

    1. oops I said this twice…

  15. Missing Aimee in this wonderful picture. But very psyched about the book!

  16. …is it wrong that I wanna run my fingers through Will chest scruff?

  17. Rovage St Laurent

    Why is Eve drowning when there's an empty floaty right behind her?

    1. I bet she fell through it

    2. She risked leaving the safety of the floaty to get at the beer. Things did not go well.

  18. I just got some birthday money and so I'm reallly excited for you to be getting the second volume soon! I can't wait to buy it. 😀

  19. I love that the hot dog has its own floatie.

  20. Nooooooooooo! I've finally read all the archives and now I'm all caught up. Now I have to wait for updates like everyone else. =/
    Enjoy Comic Con!

  21. Marek is the cutest thing.

  22. I just want to see a new update, oh so badly. I have been checking twice a day to see if there is one and am ever so sad when it is not

  23. Lurve Hannahs boxer-brief bikini bottoms.

  24. I can't believe that NOBODY has commented on Marek's shaven face! My god, man! I love it, but the way everybody treats his beard like it's the cat's meow, I'm blown away that no one seems to have noticed.

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