#477 – my eyes are rested

Haha whoops. One more page to go with this story! Woop!

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  1. Haha her eyes in panel 4 are brilliant.

    1. Yeah, I honestly got the best reaction from her sudden jolt and expression. Their camaraderie in the last panel was great too.

  2. Ugh, Meredith, can you pull a Pygmalion and draw me an IRL girlfriend?

  3. She's as desperate as the girl from Bourne Identity. Yuck.

    1. Will says there's nowhere else he'd rather be than in bed with her, and she expresses desire and she's "desperate?" Hey now.

  4. I pull the same face as Panel 8 from time to time. I love her eyes in Panel 9 too.

    Yay for budding relations.

    1. Yay indeed! ^^

  5. I busted a gut with panel 5.

    Yay, Will! Get to cooking!
    Y'know, I'm sure you've heard this before, but your dialog has always felt so genuine. 😀

  6. Panel 2: Will observes an embarrassment of pots, pans, and raw materials, and sees only possibilities.

    Panel 4: Those are "fuck" eyes.

    1. An embarrassment of pots is like a school of whales or a pride of lions? ^^

  7. This comic is oddly oracle-esque in how closely it parallels my life. In the past week, both the team willary story and this arc happened to me with almost pinpoint accuracy.
    And this is not the first time.

  8. Yeah! Fuck him, Aimee! You know you wanna 😀

  9. Will is so cute in the last panel. I'd even..! 😉

  10. Why do I still dislike Aimee so much? It's probably my hopeless Eve/Will shipping, but there's just something about Aimee that I can't stand. It may very well be that she's very threatening, with how pretty and (in my head) soft spoken and flirtatious she is. Basically, I'm jealous. And I love Eve for all her gaffs and silliness.

    1. It's those pretty eyes!

      1. Seriously! She's so deft with eyeliner. And her hair: blond and perfectly tousled, even in the morning. I'm trying (not very hard) to like her, but the cuter she gets (RE: the last few panels), the less I do. I think I have a terrible, hateful problem.

    2. This is me, to the letter!

      1. basically exactly.

  11. AWW
    as much as i ship Eve and Will, i can't deny that these two (points up at comic) make a cute couple 😛

  12. ilovedyouwellnevermind

    I wonder if they picked straws, and the shortest straw had to sleep in the kitchen…

    1. I'd guess they actually chose to sleep there – I've known drunks to choose to sleep outside on the lawn in drizzle.

  13. Okay, fine. You win, Aimee. I have to admit, that last panel is really cute. 🙂
    As of now, I'll be anxiously waiting for the day when Eve comes in.

    Chances are nothing will happen though.

  14. Aimee's my favorite. SO THERE.

  15. I love that V neck t-shirt Will's wearing.
    He wore it too in the "buddies" storyline. He looks so good in it.
    Also I didn't like Aimee back in the renaissance storyline because she ~broke~ Will's heart but now that they are together again and they look all happy I like her <3

  16. i am now in love with aimee.
    also, the best expressions, in the world. ever.

    1. This one just had a lot of cleverly written transitions, too.

  17. …. why's everyone suddenly like Aimee?

    Is it – is it Opposite Day? Or Like People For Doing Nothing Day?

    1. People are liking Amy all the sudden for the same reason they wanted to see Will and Eve get together: Mer's given them a breezy, believable chemistry.

      Contrast the panels between these two with every time we saw Will and Meredith together. They never seemed quite at ease. It made me think that those two got together solely by the natural law of 20-something dating: repeat proximity of relatively attractive singles causes short-term relationships (this is not a criticism).

      1. haha, I love how often Marigold is called Meredith by mistake. Well I kind of love it. It makes me just a little bit uncomfortable too.

        1. I imagine it comes with the territory, for better or for worse. People are resonating with your characters.

          You're like the next Charles Schultz.


        2. I imagine it comes with the territory, for better or for worse. People are resonating with your characters.

          You're like the next Charles Schultz.


  18. I like early Octopus Pie better than pancakes even.

  19. So did they not sleep together? Dang. Also, Wil's "But you looked so tired" is adorable. As someone who is always falling asleep on people's shoulders on long car trips, I appreciate that mindset deeply.

    1. Nope, they did sleep together! Aimee saying that it was "the best night I've had in ages" kinda implied that.

      1. nope they didn't. that's why it was "sad" that it was her best night in ages.

        1. Yes they did. They slept together, they just didn't have sex. The implication from the dialogue here is that they were lying in bed together, Aimee said she's just going to rest her eyes for a minute, and she ended up falling dead asleep. Will didn't wake her because she looked too tired, so they just slept together.

    2. Yeah I think they didn't. She was probably already alseep when he came back and he didn't want to wake her, hence the "F*ck" in the 5th panel 😛 Funy though! XD

  20. I love how the one word Aimee says in Panel 5 can either finish the sentence she was already saying or mean "darn" (sorry if my avoidance of swearing seems lame)

    Excellent page as usually, the drunk guy asleep in the kitchen is a nice touch.

  21. The thing with Aimee is that since she lied to him once, I can´t trust her that easy. Plus, the fact the she recently broke up gives me the impression that the moment Bertilank come back to the escen she will dump poor Will without a blink… After all, she already did it once.

    1. ilovedyouwellnevermind

      But consider everything that's happened…Even in the Fair arc, Aimee admitted she was honestly attracted to Will. Then they ran into each other a while later while he was dating Marigold; they talked for a bit, and both claimed they weren't seeing anyone. Then Aimee gave him a sad look and said "we're not very good at being honest with each other, are we?" Thereby admitting to her flaws, acknowledging mutual attraction, and calling Will out on his willingness to deny his relationship for the sake of a transient flirtation.

      As far as I'm concerned, the stage for this romance was set a long time ago. I have faith that it'll work out.

  22. I've officially converted to the Aimee side, for what it's worth.

  23. I love how some are so suspicious of her intentions. At least give her a chance, man! She seems sincere…

    Some girls are flirtatious and like to look nice, what're you gonna do, not everyone can be perfectly imperfect like Eve.

    1. I think a lot more people relate to, and are therefore more sympathetic towards, a cute, awkward girl who tries hard, rather than a pretty girl who might not really have to.
      Me, I like Aimee. I like her with Will.

  24. Gentlemen prefer pancakes.

  25. agreed


    so cute!

  27. Cue the Peer Gynt 'Morning' movement from Suite no.1.

    What? Don't you watch Looney Tunes?

  28. I’m both VERY hot for Aimee and quite confident that she’s trouble in the long run. So props to Meredith for making this such an adorably ambiguous ride. The craft in this one is really rather stunning, isn’t it?

  29. I know I've already commented once on this page, but I feel this has to be said.

    I didn't realize how much your style has positively influenced mine until I went through some of my old sketchbooks(Ugh). I'd hate to think where i might be if I hadn't started reading Octopus Pie and observing the cartoony style (cartoony in a good way of course). So for that i just wanna say thank you, and I wish you many years of prosperity and creativity.

  30. why would it be bad form to crash at somebody's place after a party! you have a party, you put up with weird people sleeping at your floors+furniture. i do not understand first world manners

    1. Don’t take the alt-text for some sort of American cultural standard – it’s just expressing a trope of the strip’s particular sub-culture (brooklyn hipster). Crash/no-crash is very context-dependent – region, age, class, ethnicity – it all plays into it.

  31. still don't like her.

  32. Absolutely wonderful characterization as per usual. Aimee is awesome – go will!

  33. Aimee is cute, but I don't care all that much for her. Didn't care for her in the beginning, still don't care for her now. *shrug* Maybe I am kind of uncertain how sincere she's being with Will. Yeah, she lied at the Renaissance Faire; OK, I could pass that by, since it's been awhile. Buuuuut, she did lie again, just to flirt with Will, when he was with Marigold. Maybe third time is the charm, but what will it be a charm for? A good relationship or some lie-filled gooey drama?

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