#476 – lie to me

This really is the basis of Hanna and Will's relationship, and I'm sure someone could do a good Freudian analysis of it. Does Will get off on being caught in his lies? Does Hanna (yes) get off on (yes) controlling (yes) others?? Okay maybe no analysis necessary.

15 thoughts on “#476 – lie to me

  1. Okay, but for real, how did hanna know will has someone in his room waiting for him? I re-read this scene and I still can't find it

    1. He didn't accept the cigarette from Hanna because he wanted to keep his breath fresh

    2. I think she just assumed because HE was in his room. She assumed that a hook-up was his reason for being in his room, not that he was sleeping.

    3. My guess is that he refused a cigarette. But so much of Octopus Pie goes over my head, I'm sure I'm mistaken.

    4. He passed on the cigarette. You want clean breath for smoochin.

    5. Because he didn't take the cigarette? To avoid bad breath? Maybe? Would be subtle.

    6. He declined the cigarette.

    7. I think a combination of the context that couldn't be found anywhere (probably in a closed room), and that he didn't seem tired (so he wasn't sleeping). Also, the key detail of turning down a cigarette after thinking for a moment (bad breath).

    8. lmao, i felt the same way when i read this page for the first time years back. the answer (provided by a more perceptive reader than me):

      will turns down hanna’s cigarette offer so his breath won’t stink when he’s with aimee. ordinarily, he’d accept — the “ah” in the first panel shows he had to think about it — and hanna knows this.

    9. lmao, i felt the same way when i read this for the first time years ago. the answer (provided by a much more perceptive reader than myself):

      will turns down hanna's cigarette offer so his breath won't stink when he's with aimee. ordinarily, he'd accept (the "ah" in the first panel shows he had to think about it). hanna knows this and correctly infers that will has 'company.'

    10. my interpretation was that he didn't want cigarette breath for kissing!

    11. Normally Will would've smoked with her, but rejecting it signalled he didn't wanna have smokers breath. Usually ppl dont wanna make out with someones who's got dank breath. Why else wouldn't he smoke at a party while chilling with someone?

    12. I think it's because Will refuses the cigarette?

    13. He has his arm over his lap on the last page and there may still be the vestige of a boner in panels 3 &4 of this page? That's my best guess

  2. Is it because Will refused her offer of a cigarette?

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